All about bandage for pregnant

  Quite often modern doctors recommend pregnant women to wear a bandage. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people have questions - why is it needed? Are there situations where it can do harm instead of good? And what band is better to choose? "

It is on them that we will try to answer today.

Why the need for a bandage for pregnant women, and whether?

Bandage is a special orthopedic device for pregnant women and only mothers. It was developed taking into account the needs of future and young mothers, to prevent different unpleasant situations. The main function of the brace is support the spine and relieve him unnecessary stress .
  However, there are other reasons why it is desirable to wear a bandage:

  • A pregnant woman who used toactive lifestyle . more than 3 hours a day is in the upright position. It often pains in the back. In such a situation the brace can help relieve the excessive load on the spine
  • Weak pelvic floor muscles and the anterior abdominal cavity. The bandage will help support the stomach and prevent stretch marks
  • The low position of the fetus. The brace helps to lock the child and does not allow it to fall prematurely
  • Multiple pregnancy . In this situation, the spine is experiencing increased stress and a bandage is simply necessary
  • If, six months before the pregnancy, the woman underwent surgery on the abdominal cavity . The brace reduces pressure on the scars
  • In the presence of scars on the uterus after any gynecological operations, is also recommended to wear a bandage.

Today to wear brace there are no contraindications. However, not all gynecologists believe that such device might be used. So before buying a bandage it is absolutely necessary to consult your attending physician .
Many women begin to wear a bandage already on 4 month of pregnancy, because at this time the stomach starts to increase and may develop stretch marks. You can use it until the very last days of pregnancy. However, it is important to remember that the brace cannot be worn for 24 hours   . every 3 hours you need to do a 30-minute break.

Types of bandages for expectant mothers — which is better?

Today on the market of products for pregnant are most popular among three types of tires:

  • Briefs jockstrap is the underwear that the front lower abdominal and lower back support the back has an elastic insert. To put it in horizontal position to properly secure the belly. The main disadvantage of this bandage is that it is used as cowards, and therefore it should be washed frequently. And because every three hours you need to take a break from outside the house to remove this brace to be very problematic.
  • Bandage belt – belt is worn over underwear, so there is no need to wash it often. And also it is very easy to remove. Fixed belt with Velcro under the belly. Most of the models still has the fastener on the sides that allow you to properly adjust the size of the tire. A tie can be worn in both standing and lying down.
  • Bandage lace-up is the domestic version of the brace-belt. However from its foreign counterpart it is uncomfortable to use. It is made with a non-elastic material, and is therefore very poorly support the stomach. Fortunately and to our producers and got the "blessings of civilization", and instead of laces they had used Velcro.

There are also postnatal bandages. which allow in a very short time to get rid of belly. They relieve the fatigue of the spine. Such bandages can be in the form of elastic tape, or panties made of elastic fabric. There are on the market today and a special kind of bandages, which are used as before birth and after. The so-called combined, or universalnye .

However, be aware that postpartum brace can be worn by everyone. Women who have had cesarean section, suffering from diseases of the digestive system and kidneys, allergic and skin diseases, this device is not recommended .

Recommendations women

  I had a bandage in the form of a belt. I believe that this is an indispensable thing in the arsenal of a pregnant woman. I dressed him when I went for a walk or stood at the stove, I did not feel fatigue in my waist. Cool stuff! I recommend everyone to try it.

The brace is a good thing. However, it should be able to choose the right. So girls, before you buy feel free to measure it in the store. Because if you choose wrong, will be no effect.

  I spent my entire pregnancy without a bandage, and there are no stretch marks. So I think if you have a really strong back pain, belly big and you find it difficult to move around, such a device is necessary, and if not, then the band will not be particularly useful.

  The first time I bought a bandage, I was not very comfortable with him. But then I got used to and began to feel that the back really got less sick. And it became much easier for me to walk.

  I in the third trimester of pregnancy bought myself a bandage - panties, a very convenient thing. I always dressed them when I went for a walk on the street. No fatigue in the back. Therefore, I recommend this model.