Symptoms of uterine tone during pregnancy

With a problem such as the tone of the uterus, many future mothers face. Its cause can be a nervous breakdown, overwork, a lifestyle that does not match the right one, and much more. It is worth noting that the tone is not necessarily the risk of miscarriage, but for the sake of future maternity and mother's health it is better to be safe and consult a doctor with the first symptoms of tonus.

What are the signs of the tone of the uterus?

How does the tone of the uterus during pregnancy

First of all, the tone in pregnancy, is a independent contractions of the uterus  . the consequence of which may be (but does not mean that there will be) a miscarriage. Although the consequences may be different. How and by what is the tone created?

  • With a natural pregnancy (without deviation) muscle of the uterus relaxed and calm. This normotonic.
  • If stress or physical stress, then these muscle fibers tend to shrink, whereby the pressure in the uterus increases and, consequently, increases the tone. This phenomenon this increased tone, or hypertonicity.

The tone of the uterus — features

  • Tone can occurat any time and stay the whole pregnancy.
  • Second trimester the cause of the tone, as a rule, be physical overload inappropriate or pregnancy lifestyle.
  • In the third trimester the tone of the uterus becomes dangerous premature birth .

The causes of uterine tone

  According to statistics, every second woman faces this problem. For some future mothers, this phenomenon even passes unnoticed, without the intervention of a doctor. Others have to lay down preservation. The reasons can be very much, and, for the most part, they concern health, nutrition and emotional state:

Signs of uterine tone in pregnant

To determine the presence of uterine tone can only be a specialist. So at the slightest suspicion that "something else" and heaviness in the lower abdomen, you should go to the doctor. The main symptoms and sensations when you need to check with a doctor:

Diagnosis of uterine tone during pregnancy

  • Rigid abdomen (and uterus) on palpation.
  • Thickening in the uterus the muscular layer (USG).
  • Confirmation of the diagnosis using a special device.

Upon detection of bleeding and the presence of other symptoms to go to the doctor alone is strictly prohibited. In this situation the right way – to call an ambulance and go to hospital. There, under the supervision of experts and with the help of appropriate therapy, will more chances of a favorable outcome of pregnancy and childbirth in a timely .

At me with the first daughter the tonus has appeared still on the fifth month. The stomach became terribly hard. And the daughter even stopped moving (although she started at 3.5 months). In other words, there were no other sensations. It was a day off, heat, and did not want to go to the doctor at all. But relatives forced, frightened. Look, they say, on your stomach! Can not you see anything? Well, I went. And me from the consultation doctor on duty immediately called the ambulance. As a result, I lay on the preservation for up to eight months, and despite the injections, gave birth before the time. Although God also saved - the child was born healthy. But I had to lie in the hospital for three months under droppers.

A familiar theme... the Tone set at the 6th month. Back pulled, dragged like sacks of bricks. Belly hardened, and there, at the bottom, something like solilo and pulsed. Not that I was really sick, but just uncomfortable. As the tooth ache is not life-threatening, but exhausting — it is healthy. To go to the doctor it was lazy, spat, and left the house. And the next day the bleeding started. It is here that I got scared)). The husband called an ambulance, and a month in hospital I was shoved. Back with the blue from the IVS hands and stiff from magnesia fifth point.)) But it's all nonsense – the main thing that Sonny saved.

Was frightened simply inexpressibly, when to me a tone have put. And I have not seen any symptoms, I have not felt. Well, except that a little waist was drawn. I came, as usual, to see a gynecologist in the district, and as a shoe to my head, tone of the uterus, urgently to the hospital. I had to go. And in the ward with me the girl was - the tone of the uterus for a period of two weeks! I was generally in shock. Two weeks only baby, and already the threat of miscarriage. I was there at the hospital and I was very cautious after discharge. I limited all contacts to the "sources" of my stresses, switched off the phone and was levied on the dacha with fruit-vegetables.) My husband was afraid after a month of preservation even arguing with me.))

My son was four months old (before delivery, of course)), when this tone began. It's just plain - the stomach seemed to stand up, like a tight torpedo. I was frightened, jumped to the doctor - I was immediately baked to save. Thank God, I was not long. Very quickly, this tone was removed. And then she told her son before the deadline - they were born every day, as they should have been.)) Actually, if you have a tonus, do not panic, do not freak out and lie down! No loads. Nerves and strength to protect.

At me the tonus was practically all pregnancy. True, I did not feel it at all. Our doctor touched, swore - they say, we must go to safety, and all that. And I was not up to it - it was at sea with my husband, then in the pool, then for courses, then all sorts of hobbies. I would like to use these 9 months of "holiday" to the maximum. Nothing, normally left, normally gave birth.

To me already three times tone put for one pregnancy.)) But from hospital all three times refused. True, under my signature, that she is responsible. I drank no-shpu when I took too much power. Usually it was tolerable - the waist sipped, but the stomach became more elastic, not soft, as usual. But when the bottom, in the same, the pain began, then swallowed no-shpa. Well, lying "feet up.")) To the daughter did not hurry.))

The whole pregnancy was the strongest tone! Sensations, of course, are wild: the stomach starts to pull down, like a huge cobblestone in it was laid, and the pains are so nasty, scratches. I went to the bandage until the births, he helped me very much. Well, I drank everything I prescribed. But very quickly gave birth.)) No wonder they say that if there is a tonus, then, the child will fly out, yak cork from the bottle.

For the pregnancy lay on the conservation twice. And the tone could not be removed. As I went to the hospital, I went off with a tonus and left. All the deceased. Drugs a lot, injections of all kinds - magnesia, papaverine and so on. The effect is zero. The abdomen was very sick, sensitive. Although there was no sense of "stone". The miscarriage of heaven was saved. Although the birth of the cervix opened very slowly. But gave birth on time.))

Also the whole pregnancy with the tone passed. It all started on the 12th week and until the birth took place. Wanted to throw in the hospital till the hour "x", but I refused and a month later went under the signature. Constantly had a stomach ache like mini drill somewhere at the bottom, and always tense like a balloon, when inflated to the maximum. Husband every day drove me to chalk on the house himself rustled, I didn't even cook – just resting.)) And most of all, the stomach is strained and hardened after the ultrasound and in the cold. Outside only will be released immediately to stone. All ended well. But I, of course, kept.

Girls, if you notice one of these symptoms, immediately run to the doctor. This is not a joke! If the doctor asks how you feel, do not hide. Even if you do not ask anyway, say so. At us in ЖК the gynecologist is not interested in it. Apparently for dozens of years of work already tired of the language obbivat.

I think many pregnant women are familiar with the term "uterine tone". At me too such was — the stomach at times became hard, but then released. But I read that if it happens more often than every 15 minutes, but it is anxiety. I had and more, and then all passed...
No pain was not related to tone.
Was in the hospital with the tone, but I'm also highlighting a slight brownish was. Then totally freaked out!
In the end, the selection I was cured, and discharged. The doctor said, "If the abdomen is a stone in the shape of a heart, and will root again to us!". And pain that said: "the Uterus can't support more than 10 days. Will either be a miscarriage or the pain are not associated with the uterus (and with the intestine, for example, or something like that)".
  Here and so!

It is necessary to be treated. Bacterial infection is extremely dangerous in pregnancy. Sometimes the symptomatology is not pronounced or absent. This does not mean that the problem can be ignored. Choose a safer drug. I will adhere to already told and I will advise vaginal gel metrogil. Itself passed the course of treatment with this drug during pregnancy.