How is the pregnancy with twins?

  Multiple fertility is always a serious stress for the expectant mother and a complex course of pregnancy and delivery itself. The pregnancy of twins refers to a high-risk condition, and the aggravation of its course is due to the development of two embryos at once. Of course, the expectation of twins is always a blessing for parents, but it will not be unnecessary for a future mother to know about the peculiarities of such "double happiness" for nine months.

At the very beginning of pregnancy, it is very important to identify the multiparty in time. so that the future mother, and her obstetrician-gynecologist, chose a special tactic of pregnancy management and a special regime for the future mother.

Pregnancy with twins – 10 features

  1. A period of seven weeks – the most dangerous for mom and kids. It was at this time the twins is threatened – there is a risk of abnormalities and miscarriages. It should be noted that non-viable pregnancy established when the diagnosis does not necessarily mean the death of both embryos. Pregnancy with twins, occur with complications requires careful attention to the state of to 12 weeks when the risk of danger is reduced to crumbs and begins the path of intensive development and growth.
  2. In pregnancy, twins are more likely than normalabnormal presentation and position of the baby in the womb (transverse, breech, etc), which eventually leads to the choice of this method of delivery as cesarean section.
  3.   With regard to the timing of childbirth - they usually in pregnancy twinsstart early, at 36-37 weeks. The limits of stretching of the uterus is not unlimited, so the kids are born early. But, as a rule, after 35 weeks the twins no longer need the medical support, because children are born already Mature.
  4. Another feature is earlier maturing lungs in twins. that allows them to breathe in preterm birth. Moreover, fraternal twins adapt better.
  5. Triple test in the list of all tests and studies, which should make the expectant mother . involves the study of the presence of anomalies and defects in the development and confuse a pregnant woman should not. His deviation from the norm, increased AFP and HCG naturally during pregnancy with twins. Elevated HCG due to the presence of two placentas or one, but much larger in size, and everything else, and provides both kids. Worry only at low HCG.
  6. Not uncommon, and this feature in pregnancy with twins how polyhydramnios in one of two fruits. In the presence of a bridging shunt (vessel) between the placentas have the potential to drop blood in a large number of one of the fruits. Which in turn leads to more frequent urination and growth of the child. This eventually generates the difference in weight between kids that should not be a cause for concern because a second child will have time to gain weight after childbirth.
  7. The children in the womb — a key factor for the character of course of pregnancy. As a rule, closer to leave, both children are in the longitudinal position. In 50 percent of all cases, head down, "Jack" is 44 percent, breech – six percent of cases (they, again, are the most difficult for the birth process).
  8. In half of all cases, the birth of two kids starts with early outpouring of water when the remaining immaturity of the cervix. The situation is often exacerbated by weak labor and excessive stress of the uterus. In view of this fact, the expectant mother should receive special medicines to improve labor.
  9. Prolonged is the period of attempts at the birth of twins. Therefore, in the natural process of childbirth should include all risks, in order to avoid hypoxia of fruits and infection of mothers and babies. For this, the stimulation of labor before the birth of the second child, and after the birth of her first tied and his maternal and umbilical cord for the second baby did not lack oxygen and nutrients. Also is the prevention of early detachment of the placenta to prevent bleeding.
  10. When weight babies less than 1,800 g there is a risk of causing birth trauma in normal birth. To avoid such risks is assigned cesarean section .