Gestational diabetes pregnant women, as it appears and what are the risks?

Gestational diabetes is a condition that is characterized by hyperglycemia and is first noted during pregnancy. At many future mothers it passes right after a birth of the child, but the main thing - to not admit complications and in due time to be engaged in prophylaxis. What is GDM, and how is it treated?

What is gestational diabetes during pregnancy?

Insulin produced by the pancreas is an assistant in the use of sucrose, which enters the body with food. During pregnancy, the placenta begins to produce hormones that impede the normal operation of insulin. If the pancreas can not cope with enough of its production, it appearsthe risk of developing GDM   (diabetes of the pregnant woman). Who is at risk?

Factors that can increase the risk of developing the disease:

  • Overweight . recruited before pregnancy.
  • Belonging to one ethnic group — Asians, Afro - Hispanics, native Americans (high risk group).
  • The presence of sugar in the urine and its elevated levels in the blood, which is not high enough to determine diabetes.
  • The hereditary factor.
  • GDM in a previous pregnancy .
  • Prior to this pregnancy stillbirth or the birth of a baby weighing four kg .
  • Polyhydramnios .

It is worth remembering that many of the women who were given a diagnosis like gestational diabetes, these risk factors was not the case. So you need to be careful, and at the slightest suspicion to consult a doctor .

Symptoms and diagnosis of gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Usually screening is performed at 24-28 weeks . But in high-risk, expectant mothers must attend regular supervision as early as possible. As a rule, for the detection of GDM is carried out tolerance test sugar (50 grams of sugar in the liquid), half an hour after which take blood from the vein. The results of the analysis and will tell about how by the body to digest glucose. It is considered a pathological level of sugar, equal to, or exceeding 7.7 mmol/L.
With regard to symptoms of gestational diabetes – signs of diabetes may not be at all . Therefore, given the possible complications for mother and baby, require timely examination to exclude/confirm the disease.

What you need to pay attention to?

It is clear that most of the symptoms are characteristic of pregnancy, and the manifestations of GDD may not be present at all, but you need to be alert - a lot depends on your care.

Gestational diabetes in pregnancy – how to cope?

  • Adherence to a strict diet.
  • Special physical load.
  • Continuous glucose monitoring . the lack of ketone bodies in urine, pressure and your weight.

If no effect is usually prescribed insulin therapy. Medicines in tablets intended for reducing sugar during pregnancy is absolutely contraindicated.

Proper diet for gestational diabetes pregnant

  • There are several times a day exclusively for the regime and in small portions.
  • Not installed to skip meals.
  • For morning nausea, eat a couple of servings of crackers . salted pretzels or cereal before you get out of bed .
  • Eliminate fatty and fried foods.
  • Choose foods that are rich in fiber (25-35 g fiber a day) – whole grains, fruits/vegetables, cereals, etc.
  • Drink 1.5 liters of fluid per day.

And, of course, we must not forget about vitamins and minerals. It is better to consult them about the doctor.

What to do if diabetes were You before pregnancy?

If you are diagnosed diabetes at the planning stage of pregnancy, in the process of trying to conception and the first trimester of pregnancy is shown taking high doses of folic acid   - up to 5 mg / day (before you start drinking it, do not forget to consult a doctor). Thanks to the additional reception of this drug, the risk of developing pathologies in the fetus is reduced.

You also need

  • Learn to constantly monitor your sugar level.
  • To register with the endocrinologist.
  • With the help of a doctor to choose a diet . to decide on the treatment regimen, and mode of exercise.

Diabetes is not a strict contraindication to pregnancy but special control experts in such a situation is required.