Syndrome Kuvad, or imaginary pregnancy of the man

Imagine this situation: You became pregnant and told the father of the child about this wonderful news, but he had a double sensation. On the one hand, the future father greatly rejoiced, and on the other hand - he was very lax. After a while you notice at the elect the same signs, as at you. He is nauseous, pulling on a salty, often changing mood. Do not worry - maybe the future pope "syndrome kuwad."

Kuvad syndrome, or "false pregnancy"  . is a mental illness. Usually "false pregnancy" is manifested in dads up to 30 years old, who are waiting for the first child. Sometimes, the syndrome manifests itself in young fathers, waiting for a second child.

Kuwad Syndrome is susceptibleunbalanced, nervous and hysterical men  . Such men find it difficult to restrain their emotions, because of the slightest failure, they begin to panic and, as a consequence, depression. In addition, "false pregnancy" is often manifested in those men who do not occupy a leading position in the family, but are "under the thumb" of the wife. Men who have the syndrome of "false pregnancy" often have deviations in the sexual plan. Frequent ejaculation or erectile dysfunction is an example.

Most often the symptoms of Kuvad syndrome are manifested3-4 months of the wife's pregnancy  . The next stage is at the end of pregnancy, i.e.for 9 months  . Next to such a man is very difficult for a pregnant girl, because he is not able to go shopping, help you around the house and support in difficult times. As a rule, if a man suddenly manifested a syndrome of Kuvad, the woman, on the contrary, does not feel almost any signs of pregnancy, as she has to take care of the "pregnant husband".

The physiological symptoms of a false pregnancy of the future pope include:

  • Flatulence;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Heartburn and indigestion;
  • Lumbar pain;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Toxicosis;
  • Cramps of limbs;
  • Toothache;
  • Irritation of genital organs and urinary tract.

Among the mental symptoms are the following:

  • Insomnia;
  • Futile fear;
  • Frequent mood changes;
  • Apathy;
  • Prostration;
  • Lethargy;
  • Irritability;
  • Anxiety, etc.

A spouse canrepeat the behavior of your pregnant wife  . Pain in the abdomen and lower back in the syndrome of Kuvad are exactly the same as in fights. In the period of increasing the abdomen of the spouse, a man can feel a discrepancy between the pelvic bones. If the spouse is afraid of childbirth, the "pregnant spouse" will also worry and worry, and maybe even hysterical. It will be especially acuteat approach of sorts .

Rarely Kuvad syndrome lasts the entire pregnancy, until the very birth. In this case, the man experiences the same thing as his wife: contractions, urinary incontinence, imitation of labor, crying, etc.

Where does the Kuwad Syndrome come from?

In some cultures, it was customary for men to experience the torments of the wife during childbirth. To experience all the hardships and hardships of the wife at the time of delivery, the man went to bed, refused to eat and drink, writhed in pain, depicting childbirth. It was believed that this would help a woman to transfer labor easier, because a man takes some of the pain on himself.

Modern psychologists believe that Kuwad syndrome is a kind of experience of man's fear for the fate of his woman and future child, as well as awareness of the blame for the pain and suffering that the woman experiences during childbirth.

The answer to this question is simple - the patient needs to be treated. This question is taken up by psychologists. The specialist will find out the hidden cause of the syndrome and help the man cope with it. No medication will save a false pregnancy, except for sedatives.

To control "false pregnancy". the man needs to do the following:

  • Register for future parents' courses;
  • As often as possible, talk about their problems to family and friends. If there are none, make an appointment with a psychologist;
  • It is more common to be with a pregnant wife and discuss interesting and exciting issues;
  • Read specialized literature.

Syndrome kuwad - this is quite an interesting and unusual phenomenon. The main thing -during a false pregnancy a man should try to keep calm  and do not get pregnant wife, because one family is enough one inadequate and pregnant.