Imagine this situation: You got pregnant and told the father of the child with the wonderful news, but he had mixed feelings. On the one hand, the future father very happy, but on the other hand – much tension. After a while You notice that their candidate has the same symptoms that You have. He is sick, pulls on solenenkoe, frequently changing mood. Do not worry — it is possible that the future Pope "syndrome kuvad".

{!LANG-b50714337ef44221be8cf5b602f21178!} . is a mental illness. Usually a "false pregnancy" occurs in the popes up to 30 years, who are waiting for their first child. Happens, the syndrome manifested in young fathers waiting for the second child.

{!LANG-dafae1b5209f61a73c3a9605f2f962db!}{!LANG-1d2437a8d89fd87337385f2a59778c25!} . Such men difficult to restrain their emotions, because the slightest failure they panic and as a result, depression. In addition, the "false pregnancy" is often seen in those men who do not occupy a leading position in the family and are "under the thumb" of his wife. Men with the syndrome of "false pregnancy", often have abnormalities in sexual terms. Frequent ejaculation or erectile dysfunction example.

{!LANG-1867d1383073fad6b7fabc08a983ac11!}{!LANG-5b4f458937c9c5679db3696ec2311bb2!}{!LANG-c8a67f623fd5569218983694969625f4!}{!LANG-a944c053d59446700b379fb905a4a623!} . With such a man it is very difficult for pregnant woman because he was not able to go shopping, to help You at home and support in difficult times. As a rule, if a man suddenly emerged kuvad syndrome, the woman does not feel virtually any signs of pregnancy as she has to take care of the "pregnant husband".


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  • Heartburn and indigestion
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  • Worry, etc.

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Rare syndrome Kuvad lasts the entire pregnancy, to the birth. The man feels the same as wife: the contractions, urinary incontinence, simulated childbirth, crying, etc.



Modern psychologists believe that the syndrome kuvad is a kind of experiencing fear men for the fate of his woman and unborn child, as well as a feeling of guilt for the pain and suffering that a woman experiences during childbirth.

The answer to this question is simple – the patient needs to be treated. This is a matter for psychologists. Specialist to find out the hidden cause of the syndrome and help the man to cope with it. No medicine can save us from false pregnancy, in addition to sedative drugs.

{!LANG-5cc361eceab17f0aa696c42267ea1a92!}. men need to do the following:

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  • Read specialized literature.

{!LANG-977cc6f0a097bb7fdd9483c5ad2b327d!}{!LANG-6234eec5bc6a8bb28984bf1082b3fe94!} and not to get pregnant wife because for one family just one inadequate and pregnant.