Breech presentation of the fetus will turn the kid?

Future mothers always want the birth of a child to pass with the least complications. And what about those pregnant women who have babies lying down in their mother's womb? What to do with pelvic presentation of the fetus - give birth in a natural way or use caesarean section?

Cesarean section or natural childbirth – when and who decides?

If after 37 weeks the child remains in the "wrong" position, then the doctor must send the pregnant woman to the hospital. In the department, a consultation of doctors will finally decide how the delivery will take place.

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The decision is made after consideration of several factors and depends on:

  • age mothers. After 35 years first births are considered late and are often accompanied by chronic diseases (liver, gastritis, ulcers), swelling, so do not expose the baby's life is threatened and give birth natural.
  • the sex of the child. Boys booty lying down, to avoid injury of the scrotum, "give birth" to caesarean section.
  • the size of the child. If the baby occupies the pelvic position and the time of birth weighs over 3.5 kg, it is naturally impossible to give birth — only operation.
  • status of placenta, blood flow of the fetus. Doing repeated cardiotocography (CTG) to get information about the baby's heartbeat and uterine activity of the mother, as well as Doppler Velocimetry, which can be used to determine the circulation of the placenta, and to evaluate the overall system: "mother – placenta – baby."
  • the size of the pelvis. When the mother's narrow pelvis, cesarean section is prescribed, even if the correct position of the fetus.
    of pregnancy. If throughout the pregnancy the woman had health problems (severe toxemia, fetal hypoxia, disruption of the placenta, etc.), that, undoubtedly, it is better not to risk and to do a C-section for breech. The basis for operation is a multiple pregnancy with the "wrong" location of at least one of the kids.
  • the health of the mother and previous births. If a pregnant woman has a problem with women's bodies (scars, tumors on the uterus), had a previous abortion or pregnancy was not successful, then it is advisable not to jeopardize himself or the baby, and give birth through surgery.

That will be surgery or a natural breech births fetal — the doctors decide, watching the woman . making a choice so that childbirth takes place with minimal complications.

Obstetric rotation — how is it done?

In today's world, there are many ways to turn the baby and change the pelvic presentation to the right one:

  • gymnastics breech fetus. Classes methods Bryukhova, Grishchenko and other professionals give good results. 95% of kids, after completing a set of exercises, is a compound presentation.
  • conversations with a toddler.
    The child in the mother's tummy begins to hear already from 20 weeks of pregnancy. Parents can gently talk to a future descendant and ask it to roll over. Daily 10-20 minute communication with unborn baby gives the possibility of changing its position on the right.
  • If gymnastics and conversations with a toddler doesn't help, there is another way rotation of the fetus external obstetric rotation according to the method of Soviet obstetrician – gynecologist in Arkhangelsk.

If a woman 37-38 week of pregnancy, amount of amniotic fluid is within normal limits, there is sufficient mobility of the fetus, there is no anomaly in the structure of the uterus and no evidence of entanglement of umbilical cord, it may use the procedure of obstetric rotation. The process of external rotation is necessarily in the hospital, in the hospital   . The pregnant woman lies on the couch, the obstetrician, making smooth movements on the belly of a woman, gradually turns the baby in the correct position.

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Gymnastics breech

Use gymnastics for pregnant breech. which will help turn the baby and take the head presentation.

Video: Exercises for pregnant women when fetal pelvic presentation

  • A woman needs lie on a hard surface on its side   and is in this position for 10 minutes. Then you need to turn over to the other side and also lie for 10 minutes. Do this exercise 3-4 times. Throughout the day, we repeat it several times.
  • Exercise "Bridge" . Lie on your back, then the pelvis to put pillows so it is above shoulder level at 30-40cm. To hold the bridge position for 5-7 minutes. During the day, repeat 3 times. This exercise can be done together with your spouse. In this case, the legs lay on his shoulders so that your popliteal fossa was situated on his shoulders
  • The knee-elbow position . To perform this exercise starting with 30 and 36 weeks. The woman should be on all fours so that his head was lowered and the pelvis elevated. The exercise should be repeated several times a day for 7-10 minutes
  • Lying on your back, feet planted hip-width apart . Straight the feet bred out or bring in the bottom, trying to put them on the floor. Repeat the exercise about 10 times
  • Kneel, leaning on his elbows. One leg raised in the top and attach to the side. Touch her sex and returned to its original position. Repeat the exercise on each leg 5 times
  • Standing on all fours, walk on the floor right and left
  • Lie on the floor and perform diaphragmatic breathing .