Car seat belt for pregnant women

For many women, pregnancy (even on a long term) is not an excuse for not driving. It was for such brave motorists that a safety belt for pregnant women was invented.

Do I need a seat belt for pregnant in reality, and what are its features?

Features car seat belt for pregnant women

According to research, without special belt expectant mother can do, if competently fix the regular three-point   . oblique upper branch - on the shoulder and horizontal - under the belly. But, whatever one may say, a pregnant woman with such a strap of special comfort does not feel.

Created specifically for expectant mothers belt is a a device for removing the load stationary belt from the abdomen . He tested for efficacy and safety crash tests (not lengthy research), and its use is recommended already from the initial period of pregnancy .

Features of this strap:

  •   The device is intendedfor clamping the lower branches of the regular strap at the base of the abdomen (i.e., the lower branch will not harm the baby in case of emergency braking).
  • Attached to the belt seat cushion increases the height of the landing . that also lowers the risk of injury of the abdomen.
  • The use of this belt is recommended with the initial stages of pregnancy . to the expectant mother had to get used to it.
  • The belt is freely detachable from the driver and moves to the passenger seat . in accordance with those who run the machine.

Every expectant mother should understand and remember that to wear (and most importantly — properly worn!) the safety belt is protection from serious trouble on the roads .

The value of the adapter seat belt for expectant mothers

During all 9 months of waiting, the expectant mother is obliged to care not only about yourself but also your baby. And, despite the fact that tummy is quite a powerful protection for baby, danger can be lurking anywhere. So secure future child – my mother's main goal.

To eliminate the risk of injury to the fetus when braking there is adapter for stationary belt .

Its purpose:

  • Lower waist strap of the belt to the pelvis and to fix it in this position.
  • To prevent lifting of the belt on the abdomen.
  • Eliminate the pressure on the fetus.

Do I need an adapter for a future mother? For more of her peace of mind - yes. It is impossible to make a mistake with the correct / incorrect belt fastening - if you have a high-quality adapter.

This device will eliminate any pressure on the stomach under hard braking   and will protect you from an accident from an accident.

Rules for the use of the adapter

If the need to sit behind the wheel really sharp, then without a safety belt, the future mother can not do.

Below to eliminate the risk of miscarriage in the force majeure on the road. the belt should be positioned correctly:

  • The upper stripe runs from the left shoulder to the center of the chest.
  • The lower belt is exclusively under the belly, holding the thigh.
  • The belt should be adjusted in advance, taking into account all features of the expectant mother. That is, no free of sagging or too tight tension.
  • Seat and handlebars should also be adjusted for the possibility of free and full control of the machine. Between the wheel and the belly should be as large distance.

If you have the ability to abandon self-driving – it is better to give up the driver's seat to her husband, father or close relative   . After all, even the emotional stress, without which it can not do on Russian roads, the baby will not benefit.