A complete list for a child in the hospital - what to take with you?

2-3 weeks before the birth, everything that can be needed in the maternity hospital, as a rule, has already been decomposed into packages - things for mom, hygiene items, crossword books and, of course, a bag with things for a new member of the family. But, in order that mother should not feverishly ring up all relatives after the birth and drive dad to the shops, it is necessary to make a list of everything necessary in advance. Especially - taking into account the fact that not all maternity hospitals will provide you with sliders, hygiene products and even diapers.

List of necessary things for the baby - we collect the bag in the maternity hospital!

  • Baby soap or baby gel   for bathing (to wash crumbs).
  • Packing of diapers.   Go to gauze diapers you will have time and at home, and after giving birth, your mother needs rest - diapers will give you several extra hours of sleep. Just do not forget to pay attention to the size of the diapers and the specified age. A day usually takes about 8 pieces.
  • Raspashonki thin - 2-3 pcs. or body   (preferably with a long sleeve, 2-3 pcs.).
  • Sliders   - 4-5 pcs.
  • Thin diapers   (3-4 pcs.) + Flannel (similarly).
  • Thin and warm bonnets. in accordance with the weather (2-3 pcs.).
  • Water bottle. There is no acute need for it (the newborn has enough mother's milk), and you can not sterilize a bottle in a maternity hospital. But if you plan to feed the baby with a mixture, ask this question beforehand (whether they give out bottles in the maternity home, or what options are available for sterilization).
  • Socks   (Two pairs).
  • "Scratch"   (cotton mittens, so that the baby does not scratch his face by accident).
  • Withoutblankets   too, you can get by (in the hospital they will give him), but their own, home will, of course, much more comfortable.
  • Wet wipes, baby cream   (if the skin requires moisturizing) and powder or cream from diaper rash. Use them only when necessary and do not forget to pay attention to the expiration date, the composition and the label "hypoallergenic".
  • Disposable diapers   (put on a scale or changing table).
  • Towel   (it is useful for washing, but a thin diaper will also suit it).
  • Nail scissors   for children's nails (they grow very quickly, and kids often scratch themselves in their sleep).
  • Do I needdummy   - you decide. But remember that it will be much more difficult to wean from the nipple than to immediately learn how to do without it.
  • A smart suit.
  • Body and socks.
  • Chepchik + cap.
  • Envelope with a ribbon.
  • In addition - a blanket and warm clothes (if the street is winter).

And, of course, considerin the beginning, the quality and comfort of clothing, and only then - her elegance .

What a pity that when I was looking for a list in the hospital (it was a year and 9 months ago), I did not see your article. Here everything is laid out on the shelves, painted on points. I used to think that this list should be given by a gynecologist, but then they told me that they did not give the list, and then I started asking everything from my girlfriends and relatives.
  In fact, there is always something missing afterwards, but the benefit is that the relatives are nearby: they will inform. The main thing is that everything necessary is for the very first day and the first night after childbirth. I believe that the most important thing is not to forget the documents: a passport, a pregnant card. Of course, clothes for the baby and mom are important, and at least two sets of bed linen for the mother (at least, the sheets), because I have one very soiled in the blood (my).
  Still, of course, much depends on the season: if it's cold, you need to take warmer things, and if it's hot, then it's easier (both for the child and for the mother).
Another irreplaceable thing is breast liners: when milk comes, it can flow out of the chest and make clothes dirty, and also cause discomfort. I still use them, because I have not yet weaned the baby from the breast.

I also looked for a similar list of things - I also asked in the maternity hospital where I was going to give birth, so they told me: "Collect everything as if you are going to the sea" - that's so :). By the way, in the maternity hospital it is still superfluous to take a thermometer (better electronic), baby oil, cotton wheels and its dishes (a cup, a plate, a spoon).