Can I lose weight during pregnancy?

One of the determinants of pregnancy without too much difficulty is a balanced diet throughout the period of gestation of the baby. The excess weight is relieved by a variety of food, consumed a little, but with small intervals in time.

Can pregnant women to lose weight – experts ' recommendations

Small deviations from the prescribed norms in weight is normal. Quick increase in weight can become the basis for the development of diabetes and hypertension.  The future mother should think about the complications of the birth process due to excess weight and how after it to lose excess fat mass.

  • To get rid of unwanted body fat can be one effective way: to refrain from fried food, sweets (candies, cakes), salt, smoked. To eat not 3 times, as is customary, and 5-6 times but in small portions and not to lie on the couch, a little exercise, corresponding to each trimester of pregnancy. According to us research, proper diet during pregnancy with little physical activity is beneficial — both mommy and baby.
  • Weight loss for pregnant should not be fanatical . For example, it is impossible to adhere to an unbalanced diet — such as the Kremlin, orange, kefir, etc. In the diet of the pregnant must contain the proteins that are found in fish, lean meat, eggs, and corn, beans, nuts, rice.
  • The rate of weight gain for the entire pregnancy . according to various reports, ranges from 12 to 20 kg and depends on the initial weight of women before pregnancy.
  • If the woman decided to lose weight during pregnancy, diet and exercise must be discussed with your doctor.
  • Doctors advise in early pregnancy (first three months), eat food rich in proteins, because the protein – building material of the human body.
  • In the second trimester you need to give preference to products rich in calcium . cheese, sour cream, almonds, oatmeal, barley grits.
  • In the last months gynecologists advise not to lean on meat . because meats have a negative effect on the elasticity of the vaginal tissues.

How you can lose weight pregnant?

Doctors with extensive experience of work give advice to future mothers who do not want to touch with weight:

  • In the diet of a pregnant woman the main thing — the food quality, their diversity. not quantity
  • Not necessary to radically change eating habits for a short period of time. Gradually introduce your body to a balanced diet
  • You should not blindly believe and follow the advice of friends, acquaintances etc. Listen to your inner self, your doctor and voice of reason
  • Appearance strange desires in food for example, I wanted a chalk or sauerkraut says that the body is not enough any substance. It is necessary to restore vitamin and mineral balance
  • Eat foods that support normal bowel function. oatmeal, barley, carrots, apples.

Ration and diet with excess weight in expectant mothers

The daily energy value of products present in the pregnant menu should be distributed as follows:

And Breakfast preferably after 1.5 – 2 hours after waking up, and dinner 2-3 hours  before the onset of sleep.

In the daily portion of food must be included:

  • Proteins (100 – 120g). where 80 – 90 grams must be of animal origin (fish, cheese, eggs, meat)
  • Fat (90 – 100g)%2G where 15-20 grams of plant origin (sunflower, olive oil)
  • Carbs (350-400g) — simple (instant) and complex. Simple are found in fruit, honey, vegetables. Complex contained in potatoes, legumes, and grains.
  • Water. The daily rate of 1-1,5 litres, not counting other liquids.

Taboo for pregnant  - it's alcohol, strong tea and coffee, fast food, sweet drinks containing non-natural ingredients.

I'm at week 18. I'm trying not to overeat. After giving birth, I'm not going to look like a cow. My method: to eat in moderation and more to go on the street, to walk. Has typed in weight of 3,5 - 4 kg. I eat like this: for breakfast - green tea or tea with lemon, fruit salad (banana, raisins and apple), oatmeal or boiled egg. For the second breakfast, which happens after 1.5 -2 hours, a persimmon. At lunch, eat some first dish (soup, borsch), vegetable salad. On a mid-morning snack I eat sweet cheese with raisins or dried apricots or yogurt, plus green tea. I dine with beet salad with sour cream or stewed vegetables with a piece of boiled chicken or curd with sour cream and yogurt. I always drink pure water from the morning after waking up and at intervals between meals. Alternating for dinner pumpkin, rice, buckwheat.

Before the first pregnancy weighed 50 lbs. Then, during the pregnancy, gained 17 lbs. Preserved after childbirth excess of 6 kg. I was Cesario, and therefore sports exercises weight to lose could not. Morning and evening came out with the baby for a walk, walked for 2-3 hours. In the result six months later – minus 6kg. Now I am pregnant again, but this time try to observe the basics of proper nutrition.

For the first pregnancy, which was at 23, I recovered by 18 kg. After birth, the weight decreased by 6 kg, and the rest disappeared when the daughter was 5 months old. Do not forget that the first months after childbirth will need to follow a diet and eat low-fat beef and buckwheat (so that the baby is not too bothered by colic). In addition, walk with the child as much as possible and all the excess mass will pass. Eat within reasonable limits and weight will be normal.

During pregnancy, I gained a huge amount of kilograms (before pregnancy weighed 60, and before birth 96kg). After giving birth, I set myself the goal of getting myself back to normal, beginning to look for and try diets. Has stopped on a diet "ladder". She helped me lose weight after pregnancy. For 5 days of the diet, it took 4 kg. I think it's normal. Its essence is simple. In the beginning, the body cleanses. On this day, I ate apples, drank water and activated charcoal. The next day you need to restore the intestinal microflora: there is a cottage cheese, drink fermented milk, yogurt, water. At the next stage, the body needs to be filled with energy by consuming fruits, dried fruits, honey. At the next stage you can eat chicken, greens, vegetables and be sure to drink water. In the final phase of the diet, you can eat cereals, fruits and vegetables. The diet is good, but it is better not to get involved. My advice: start to lose weight with such a diet, and after the adaptation of the body, go for proper nutrition and exercise. Your figure is in your hands!

I tried to lose weight after the pregnancy on buckwheat diet - kickograms returned ((((then on the liquid sat, too, the result is not very (((The only diet that perfectly helped is vegetable, I was prescribed by her nutritionist! Another three months Reduxin lite saw - that would help me a little to enter a new way of life! Well, fitness - where without this basic means to get rid of excess weight !?