New year and pregnancy – what you need to remember?

To the beloved holiday of tangerines, gifts and wishes, we all start preparing in early December - slowly buy presents, we reflect - with whom, in what and where to meet, we compile a list of products for the New Year's table.

For expectant mothers preparing for the holiday is further complicated by numerous restrictions. Because I want and to celebrate the new year like human beings, and not harm the baby . So, what you need to know about new year celebrations for future moms?

Rules of preparation for the feast of expectant mothers

For starters you should realize that until the crumbs into the light you all share with him for two – food, emotions, exercise, feelings and So the preparations should occur with maximum caution.

That is, for a pregnant in the new year the traditional "race" is invalid...

  • Any experiences negative connotation.
      No negative emotions! Surround yourself with a positive, ignore everything that can spoil your mood, look for additional "vitamins of happiness."
  • Tiring load, over voltage.
    Not get ready for the new year and the birth of a baby is your problem "number one". Everything else let them take care of your loved ones. Hard finding an apartment for the holiday, go shopping, jump from the ceiling, hanging garlands, and spend hours standing at the stove with their jobs. Yours to enjoy, my old tummy and to write to Santa Claus notes with wishes.
  • Loud music, noisy public places.
    About the pre-Christmas crowds, markets and hypermarkets forget. Shopping best to walk in the peak customer load – when there is no "tube" in the shopping arcade, and a huge shopping cart you can roll them in any direction without risk of collision. Don't forget to take care of the purchase of such necessary thing as earplugs, and create in the apartment a "relaxation area".
  • Heavy bags.
    No weights! If you plan heavy and bulky purchases – take a helper or order the goods at home.
  • 2-3-day watch at the plate.
    Care of cooking Christmas buffet condescendingly tell friends. If you pass no one, and the husband knows how to cook just the broth from under eggs, then cut the menu in half, and give the husband the opportunity to help you with the cleaning of vegetables, washing and shredding of sausage on Olivier.
  • General cleaning, moving furniture.
    Similarly, you coordinate close gravity pulls and namyvayut apartment.

And don't forget that you have the right – at any time of the holiday go to your room, lie down on the couch and lifting his leg higher, watch your favorite Comedy on TV alone, gobbling up Christmas Goodies from the plate.

If the meeting of the new year takes place in cafes, not jumping along with everyone on the dance floor to the deafening music and to postpone the return home until the morning.

Rules of beauty for new moms in the New year

As for the New Year's image, future moms are waiting for their rule restrictions. Beauty and uniqueness has not been canceled (and a pregnant woman should be even more charming), but to create an image we approach reasonably:

  • Question – to get a haircut or not – depends on your desire (of superstition will not speak). Doctors of haircut during pregnancy is not prohibited.
  • Decided to update a boring hair color? Of course, it would be better to wait until the baby is born. But if you really want to, and generally does not do without it, use only natural dyes, bleaching powder paint and, preferably, at home.
  • From perms will have to give doctors categorically do not recommend (its chemical composition for the benefit of the child not going).
  • Makeup, cosmetics. No "thick-thick" layers of cosmetics. The skin needs to breathe. Choose lightweight and quality products (better for sensitive skin), powder instead of Foundation, light shades.
  • Perfume. The aroma should be light, not irritating. From cheap perfume immediately discard in order to avoid allergies.
  • Outfit. Of course, you have to be irresistible. But comfort is more important. Doesn't press, RUB and too to pull.

Meals and drinks on New year's maternity

A festive meal for expectant mothers has its own rules:

  • Overeating is not good. Eat in moderation.
  • With pickles, smoked, spicy/roasted and canned food – with maximum caution.
  • Choose fruit desserts instead of the flour.
  • Tasting overseas exotic and new "original" dishes delayed "after birth...".
  • Favorite carcinogenic crust on the chicken give the spouse. lean on vegetables and herbs.
  • Alcohol better to just give up. But if I really want to clink glasses grown-up, you can splash a little red wine into the glass. And in General — remember that for the mother there is no safe dose of alcohol! See also: What you can and can't drink pregnant?

And main new rule of the future mother remember that it is forbidden, but the basic emphasis do on what is allowed   . With a creative approach, of course.

Wherever and whatever You celebrated the New year, you have a double holiday – New year and waiting for the birth of your baby.