Severe back pain during pregnancy – what to do if you have pregnant back pain?

  Even the happiest and long-awaited pregnancy is overshadowed by pain in the back. Sometimes - at once in the early stages, sometimes - closer to the birth, and someone and at all - the entire period. It should be noted that almost all mothers complain about such pains (74% according to statistics), including completely healthy and having no problems with the spine.

What is the reason, and how to help yourself?

The nature and principal causes of back pain during pregnancy on early and later stages

Unfortunately, we can not say for sure why the back hurts. The reasons for the emergence can be a lot - as the most primitive (the big term, the load on the lower back), and pointing to serious health problems.

It is important to understand the nature of pain, and not to miss the moment when you need to see a doctor.

  • "Pulls in the back." The uterus begins its active growth at about the 16th week of pregnancy. Due to the increased compression occurs to the nerve endings and surrounding the spine the blood vessels, resulting in and there is this nagging pain in the bottom of the back.
  • Irregular and aintensive "aching" in the lower back. Pain of this nature, subsiding after a relaxing stay in the lying position usually occur after 20 weeks. The reason is simple – the offset of the center of gravity in the enlarged tummy. The back in the lumbar region has to bend more, and the load is eventually uneven distributed on the spine. The lion's share of the workload takes exactly the lumbar.
  • Long and frequent (constant) pain localized in the sacral region. They occur even in the night, condemning the mother for insomnia, and the rest just does not give any relief. Under the influence produced by the hormone relaxin stretches the pubic articulation and soften the bones of small joints/pelvis – body prepares for the imminent birth. That is, the pelvis is "at odds", at the right moment impede the crumbs into the light. Directly before the birth of this hormone "helps" in the throat opening of the cervix.
  • Pain that starts after 37 weeks with a certain periodicity. Do not worry – these "practice" contractions that are often observed shortly before birth. In addition, in the 3rd trimester and have the pressure of baby's head on her mommy's spine.
  • Worsening pain if you already have certain problems with the spine. For example, in case of bruises, injuries, or chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Will also be felt by pain and flat feet, if the expectant mother continues to run in high heels or another not designed to be worn during pregnancy shoes.
  • Backache in the lower back. Similar, often unilateral and sudden, similar to the "shock" of pain may occur in osteochondrosis, hernia, megason/discs, sciatica, scoliosis, and other diseases. May be accompanied by numbness of the feet or a tingling sensation. Remission pain occurs when holding the breath or stopping the movement tilted forward corps.
  • Unilateral back pain. In this case there may be problems with the kidneys (southst/symptoms – cramps, cloudy urine, sharp pain when urinating) or a pinched Zh/root of the spinal cord. Checked the 1st diagnosis by ultrasound and analysis, 2 nd- using MRI.
  • Lower back pain with bleeding and pulling sensations in the lower abdomen. These signs (approx. – in the 1st trimester) require immediate access to a doctor and speak more often about the threat of miscarriage. As for the 3rd trimester, such symptoms are usually talking about the disclosure of uterine throat.
  • Back pain can also be observed in the case of uterine tone. Naturally, you need to contact your gynecologist and undergo ultrasound.

Remember, consultation is required if, in addition to back pain, you notice the following symptoms:

  • Pain, resembling in its character the fight.
  • The pain when urinating.
  • The muddy color of the urine or its froth.
  • The feeling of increased tone of the uterus (approx. – tummy "swells and becomes hard like a ball", there is a strong tension in the abdomen).
  • Spotting.
  • Slight/high fever.

What to do pregnant if back pain – how to relieve back pain?

With prolonged and severe pain with additional symptoms, you should definitely contact your gynecologist.

If the mother worried about the nature of pain – one should not expect improvement in self-medicate and timely visit to the doctor will save her and the unborn baby from danger.

In the absence of disturbing symptoms of pain can be removed and independently using the following tools, rules and methods:

  • Pillow for pregnant women. If the pain is caused by normal physiological changes inherent in expectant mothers, this pillow will help to normalize sleep, will support mommy's tummy and partially relieve the back, assuming its voltage. Cushion shape mother can select any of them as needed – in the shape of a boomerang, just cushion, U-shaped, in the shape of the letter "C", "G", "U", etc. note: the pillow in the form of a "C" after childbirth can be used as a temporary arena, and a roller is a great tool to eliminate fatigue in the legs.
  • A bandage for the mother . It can be useful after 20 weeks. Purpose – supports the tummy and relieves the strain on the spine. However, wear it more than 4 hours is not recommended, and sleeping in it, of course, impossible.
  • Pool, yoga, aerobics etc. In General, such restorative procedures for the expectant mother extremely useful. Especially, the pool. In the absence of contraindications do not waste your time – control your body in such a difficult period.
  • A gentle massage. Do not rush to the first "chiropractor". Remember that massage in this period, in the absence of the necessary qualifications of "specialist", can greatly harm the mother and her baby. But a gentle massage from a professional with relevant experience are encouraged. It will help to relax back muscles and ease General condition.
  • Posture, posture. Should certainly pay attention to how and where you sit most of the time. You cannot overload the spine. Chair (chair) should be comfortable with the optimum height for back support and foot not hurt stand (by the way, it is then useful for feeding the baby). Leg put also not recommended. Also often change your posture and don't forget to take breaks for light exercise or walking.
  • Fitball. Use the ball for relief of the back muscle using the "unstable footing". The ball should sit slightly apart legs (choose a comfortable position!). next, rotate your body from left to right on 5-6 times. Another useful exercise is rolling with the posture "sitting" in the position "lying on back". When it comes stretching the spine, the deflection of the back, relaxation of the back muscles. Of course, the exercise should be only with the help and under the control of the spouse.
  • No weights! Ask the spouse and family, if you want to pick something up, move, communicate. If I had to pick up something on their own, get down on one knee with straight back, not hunched, and lift the thing by the force of the legs, not the already overloaded backs.
  • Follow the food. Lack of calcium (his "washout" during pregnancy) and minerals, also known to can impact pain. Now more than ever, need a balanced and proper diet.
  • Choose the right shoes. Set aside time in the closet studs, high-heels, narrow shoes. Now you need shoes with a small heel and (highly recommended!) with orthopedic insoles, which reduce the load on the spine and protect the back of the development of osteochondrosis, etc.
  • An orthopaedic mattress. Also very useful thing to restore power during the night and day stay. Do not spare money on this mattress, it will greatly simplify your life. To him pick an orthopedic pillow.
  • Exercise. Discuss with your doctor what exercises will help relieve the load from the back and strengthen the overall condition. One of the most popular exercises in this period – "kitty" with a deflection of the back in position "on all fours". Regularly performing this exercise, you will make it easy for yourself and the birth process.
  • A warm bath and douche in the lumbar region. Do not overdo it with contrast shower and bath water should be only warm.

The treatment of back pain in pregnant women – which can be prescribed by a doctor?

First and foremost, if you suspect development of any disease (if not peculiar to pregnancy pains), seek the advice of a a gynecologist and a neurologist, orthopedist and surgeon, and nephrologist .

Accordingly, the results of the survey, treatment

  • When pain caused by kidney spasms, can prescribe Nospanum. Most of the drugs with the function of eliminating spasms and pain, as we know, pregnancy is prohibited. The doctor prescribes treatment based on the overall picture of the disease and, of course, possible harm to the fetus.
  • For lumbar pain with the presence of bleeding can be a threatened miscarriage. In this case, usually hospitalization, rest and bed rest. Because drugs are usually prescribed Magnesia, antiseptic or cough medicine. and other means to reduce the tone of the uterus and maintain pregnancy.
  • The pain associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system can assign Menovazin. For example, in the form of ointment or solution. This drug is considered very effective in the case of a pinched lumbar nerve. Note: warming ointment during pregnancy is forbidden! They are able to cause miscarriage.

To spin during pregnancy was ill – methods of prevention of pain

To reduce the risk of pain and to protect your body from overloading, you need to protect yourself in such a difficult period for women and, of course, follow certain rules:

  • The growing uterus tend to pinch the ureter, which in turn causes stagnation of urine, and then there is the risk of pyeloectasia and, as a consequence of pyelonephritis. Therefore, it is recommended after the 20 th weeks of twice a day to stand on all fours . to the flow of urine improved.
  • Since 3-4 months, make a habit of lying (with a special pillow under the tummy) with bent knees to the left side. That is, in the fetal position. With regard to the posture of the star (on the back) – forget about her until the birth. In an extreme case – lying on a hard surface.
  • Not podsalivaya of bed. Climb, rolling. When lifting something from the floor, first bend your knees. You can't lift things from the floor, just leaning forward.
  • Eliminate all the factors causing back pain and increasing the load on the spine . do not lift heavy, sleep in a comfortable bed, wear the right shoes, eat the right foods, sit on chairs with backs, etc.
  • Use prenatal bandage and a special pillow for pregnant women .
  • If you continue to work, then take with you a tissue roller (under the waist) and a little stool at his feet.
  • Follow the work of the kidneys. When the 1st suspect a problem in the genitourinary system, please contact a doctor.
  • Often rest with my feet higher – on the pillow, for example.

And - go away from the negative!Get rid of all the negative things that are in your life.  The future mother should rejoice in every day.

Than more positive you are the easier the pregnancy.

Oh, the constant pain in the back was. She could not get off the bed without the help of her husband. She added 20 kg for pregnancy, of which about 4 had a child, the rest - water and placenta. She gave birth - she immediately returned to her 50s. Because of this weight, my loin just fell off, it hurt wildly. About the bandage, I did not know (would have bought, of course, otherwise)). To be afraid was afraid, the tablet was afraid. In general, she was saved by a pose lying on her side, and strokes of her husband.)) Hardly survived those 9 months. With the 1st child it was much easier. As a result, by the way, after the pregnancy, I received a complete set - osteochondrosis, hemorrhoids, etc. And all the teeth flew (the daughter of all the calcium out of me vyhlebala, apparently))).

At me in the end of pregnancy periodically a loin simply fell off. And it hurt to go to the toilet. I pulled my back strongly, with the impact on the lower abdomen. Have registered no-shpu and papaverine of a candle, did not help or assist. The vrachicha after analyzes has told or said - not kidneys, and training fights. Like, be patient, woman. The only thing that saved - my husband poured a warm shower.

Girls, treat your scoliosis before pregnancy! Pregnant need to be completely healthy! Otherwise, then such bouquets after childbirth, that you do not know - where to run, whom to cry. I with the second child at pregnancy did not sleep at all from the 2nd trimester. Constantly excruciated by pains - that between the scapula, then in the lower back. I slept 2-3 hours a night. Neither massage, nor gymnastics, nor baths did not help. The orthopedist looked at me and sent me to the pool. After a month of swimming, I began to feel better. Since then, the pool has become a habit. Back does not hurt at all! Highly recommend.