Developers operation system windows 7 provided the ability to format the hard disk without cleaning other files and disks. You need to copy the necessary files and programs in advance to other media (flash drive, drive). After that, you can format a hard disk using the installation disk.

How to format disk C before installing windows 7

If you think that it is hard and time-consuming to create the hard disk formatting yourself when installing windows 7, then we will help you to solve this task yourself, without the help of specialists. You just need to do everything step by step, as indicated in the instructions. And so, let's start:

  1. we copy all necessary folders, files, documents from disk. To do this, take any external media and copy it to the information you need;
  2. if you work in a home network, then do not forget to specify the name of your PC. In the process, the program will necessarily ask for your name. You can find out by going through several steps Start → Computer → Properties → Computer name;
  3. insert installation diskwind 7 or flash drive;
  4. in order to download the installation materials operating system, turn off your PC. This can be done using the start → shutdown, or just pressing the button
  5. you can now turn on your PC, this will load files from the installation drive
  6. format hard disk. After the PC is turned on, the System Setup Wizard will prompt you to press any button to continue working. You will need to choose a language and get acquainted with the licensed agreement. Read it carefully and note that you accept the licensed terms. Further, note the complete installation of additional parameters in the installation type;
  7. then there's the disk configuration. Choose the option in which format you need only diskС. This will begin the process of cleansing the disk. After it you will see a pop-up window
  8. then reinstall the hard disk. For this you will need to enter the computer name, user name, password, etc.
  9. now you can insert an external drive with a backup of files, folders, and programs and copy them.

A more detailed description of the installation of Windows 7 with formatting of the hard disk can be found here.

Please note: after reinstalling the hard disk, you need to update your existing programs and drivers. This will make your work for a PC several times more efficient.

If you cannot format the hard disk

Typically, problems with configuring the operating system occur if you use a pirated version of the installation file or if you have already done the reinstallation of the disk before this is not correct. Try to repeat the procedure in the normal mode or via the control panel. You can also delete the first 2 partitions, and install the free RAM. You can also try LiveCDLinux to install, in many cases it really helps. Another good option is to hold down the F key after selecting NTFC or FAT.

Now you know how to fully format a hard disk when installing Windows 7. Try it and you will definitely succeed. But if you have any questions or something does not work out, contact the professionals.