When you pasting a room with wallpaper, the most difficult is the gluing of corners, ceiling, places behind the radiator and around outlets or switches, gluing curbs. So let's look at how to properly glue the wallpaper in hard-to-reach places.

Sticking Wallpaper in the corners

For pasting the corners of the corners, you can use this method:

Stick the wallpaper of the wallpaper so that its edge slightly goes around the corner to the next wall.

Glue the next canvas so that it overlaps the previous one by a few centimeters. To align this canvas vertically, you can use the plumb line.

Holding a ruler with a sharp knife to cut two layers glued Wallpaper and remove the cut edges of the canvases. The oozed adhesive residue to clean.

Sticking the Wallpaper on the ceiling

Wallpapers on the ceiling are glued from the window deep into the room and the canvases are perpendicular to the window so that the seams are invisible. For gluing the first cloth wallpaper, you should note the line on which this cloth will be leveled. Using a cord, chalked, this line is easy to draw.

It is difficult to independently wallpaper the wallpaper with a ceiling: it is necessary that someone else holds the part that has not yet been glued, while the first one is leveling the glued one.

Sticking the Wallpaper behind the radiator and around rosette

Place behind the radiator and around the outlet – some of the most remote. To Wallpaper the wall behind the radiator to cut the Wallpaper in places of fastening of a radiator. For smoothing Wallpaper is the most convenient to use the MOP, put on her clean cloth. If to paste over the wall behind the radiator is not necessary, it is enough to Wallpaper went over the radiator at 10-20 cm.

To glue wallpaper around the outlet or switch, you need, first, to turn off the electricity and remove the covers from the outlet or switch. Secondly, you need to cross the center of the box to cut the wallpaper crosswise. Thirdly, the resulting edges must be folded inside the box and put the cover of the socket or switch in place.

Sticking borders

When pasting curbs on a smooth wallpaper it is enough to mark out their location (for example, with the help of a level) and, using a special curbstick glue, paste on the wallpaper. However, when pasting a border on a relief wallpaper, this method is not suitable. Therefore, if the border is glued to the wallpaper with a relief, you need to cut the strip to the size of the border from the wallpaper glued with a sharp knife. Then the border is glued to the vacant place.

If the border needs to be pasted around the door or window, then you need to glue the strips of the border so that they overlap each other. Then you need to cut both curb layers with a knife and remove the cuttings. Wipe off the traces of glue.