All know how handy automatic doors, especially when my hands are full with packages or bags at the exit of the supermarket.





  • the speed of opening the two valves are of the order of 1.5 m/s
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  • resource of the gearmotor is at least 2-3 million openings.


Motion detectors the most important accessory. They lead the automation in motion at the approach of a visitor. From the quality of their work, noise immunity, range depends largely on the efficacy of automatic doors.


Infrared sensor{!LANG-396296c771c35f5f2bd4869db0e85410!}

The following accessories for automatic doors the photocells safety.{!LANG-3aac041035cd08a567f085afcbdc66a6!}

Electro magnetic lock for automatic doors{!LANG-885d14c80c0bb1ae39454a6929df3f36!}

In extreme situations, when automation is off and you want to leave the room, pushing aside the sash manually, the lock is easy to unlock from the inside with a special lever mounted on the wall next to the door.


Mode selector works{!LANG-a805cda139046d44dfd3e9a5b4650cca!}

  • normal mode — both sensor, automatic doors open the full width of passage for both incoming and outgoing
  • simplex — active sensor on one side only, usually on the way out
  • winter mode — the automatic door is not fully open, limiting the inflow of cold air into the room
  • open door — actuator does not respond to the signals of motion detectors, automatic door is always open
  • closed door — actuator does not respond to the signals of the motion detectors, but allows you to open the automatic door button installed, for example, in the security room.