The device of the attic dictated primarily by practical considerations. First, it is the easiest and fastest way to get more living space in the same place – because the floor, ceiling and wall you already have, and it is possible to use existing in house communications. Second, it is much cheaper than to build new housing units (usually 20-30%).

Life in the attic   gives and other important advantages - for the soul! This is the proximity of the sky and the ability to observe thunderstorms, sunrises and sunsets, stars and clouds. This is the involvement of the natural elements ... and at the same time, reliable protection against any whims of nature.

The light from skylights is distributed sparingly throughout the room. There are no blank side compartments, which block light. Skylights allow the right amount of light at smaller apertures, in comparison with classical Windows. Skylights ensure complete protection from external influences. They are adapted to the most extreme weather conditions, successfully used in all climatic zones. For protection from the cold use energy-saving glazing.

Opening skylights depends on a suspension leaf to the box. The most common is the hanger on the center axis, around which rotates and window openings. The handle can be positioned top or bottom. To ventilate the room opening system allows to fix the window in several positions.

Skylights are safe to operate. since In double-glazed windows, tempered glass with increased strength to mechanical loads is installed. When manufacturing a glass unit, it is possible to install glass: shockproof, absorptive or reflex.

Wooden components of the window   are protected from the outside by external influences by aluminum profiles (salary) with a polyester coating, resistant to environmental influences. For copper roofs, special copper salaries have been developed. Salaries perform not only a protective function for wooden elements, but also drain rainwater from the surface of the window.

In conclusion, a brief description of characteristics of roof Windows it is necessary to dwell on another important point – correct internal sealing of the slopes of the window. A slope above the window should be done horizontally. And under the window - vertically. This will give the necessary circulation of warm air (the heaters should always be placed under the window), which will avoid water vapor on the window glass. If it is necessary to install a window sill, it is advisable to install it with some indentation from the walls, leaving an air gap, and also providing for the probability of a complete axial rotation of the window frame.