High quality balcony glazing can dramatically transform the balcony or loggia, from both a functional and aesthetic point of view. Protection from rain, wind, dust and snow, a beautiful and modern look inside and out – all this is possible.

To breathe new life into the loggia and a balcony in some ways.

Balcony glazing wooden frames.

This is the most traditional and affordable type of glazing. Wooden frames are ecological, practical, easily repaired. And by treating wood with special means, we get a material that does not rot, is protected from moisture and temperature changes. Frames can be painted in any color or left natural, subject to varnish processing. If you love the natural beauty and do not have the means for more expensive materials, then wood glazing is what you need. Glazing balconies with wood - economy class glazing, but for fans of environmental friendliness and cleanliness - the best choice.

Glazing of balconies with aluminum.

The demand for glazing of balconies with aluminum is growing rapidly. And it is not surprising, because the glazing of balconies with aluminum has many advantages: high reliability of all components, good strength at low specific gravity, resistance to corrosion, deformations and harmful effects of the environment, compactness, easy cleaning and care. If you wish to increase the useful area of ​​the balcony and carry out the removal, then it is better to not find the glazing of balconies and loggias with aluminum.

Glazing of loggias PVC double glazing.

This glazing is the warmest of all types. The glazing of the loggias of PVC has a low thermal conductivity, is hermetically sealed and consists of a camera system. The glazing of the loggia with its help can not only protect your loggia from unpleasant atmospheric phenomena and street noise, but also turn it into an additional living quarters. In addition to its direct functional purpose, the double-glazed windows turned into an important element of the interior, acquired the status of an indicator of prestige, began to reflect the level of material well-being of its owners. To glaze the balcony. Glazing of PVC balconies, the best solution for a warm balcony.