When it comes time to do planned repairs. the apartment is like on the battlefield. Dust, dirt, noise – all these eternal companions of repair. And then, when the repair is completed, the owners long take out construction garbage, puke stains of dried paint wash-wash anything and everything. Such "exquisite" satellites contribute to the fact that repairs proceed in the most extreme case, when already the old Wallpaper off and plaster from the ceiling showered intact pieces. But if properly prepare Your apartment for repairs, and to clean, and to set things right will be easier and faster. How to prepare to repair the premises?

First, it sets out in your house renovation, remember that technology can perform most of repairs requires compliance with certain temperature and humidity conditions. For example, pasting walls with wallpaper can be carried out at any time of the year, if the walls are sufficiently dry and the room is not "walking the wind." But the coloring of walls with oil paints is desirable only in the warm season, as the paint dries long enough, it needs good access to fresh air.

Second, before beginning repairs need to vacate the premises all of the extras. It is required to take carpets and furniture to remove chandeliers and lamps, curtains and curtain rods. Do not forget to remove all the switches and sockets. If some items taken out of the premises cannot, for example, due to their large size, the better, of course, to dismantle it and bring in parts. However, if for some reason to do it is still not possible, place these items in the center of the room and cover with a thick layer of plastic film, which should be fixed, for example by using adhesive tape.

If You are planning repair floor. should be removed and the floor. But the flooring is not removed before the repair of the walls and ceiling. Later, you can remove the old floor covering together with the debris. If the floor is under repair You are going to replace, then it should be possible to hide from possible contamination and damage. This floor is served by several layers of Newspapers or fall asleep sawdust (straw).

If on the walls you plan to hang pictures or other objects, then it is better to hammer nails or hooks into the wall before painting or wallpapering the wall.

For protect window glass. for example, from hitting paint, it's best to seal them with newsprint. To do this, it is sufficient to use a paste made of flour or starch or ordinary soap. Spread the surface of the glass with a thin layer of soap or paste and attach a newspaper sheet to it. When the paste or soap is dry, the newspaper will firmly hold on to the glass. And at the end of the repair work it will be enough to moisten the surface of the glass with warm water so that the newspaper can easily be separated.

Well! All unnecessary items are removed, all necessary surfaces are securely protected with film or paper.It's time to start to repair itself!