In children's rooms often set a bunk bed to save space. The kids love to climb to the second tier, and in addition to its primary function of bunk bed performs the function of trainer.

It is convenient to establish a children's bunk bed over the cabinets or the couch in that case, if the room one child. In this case, bed will not take up extra space and the room will remain much more space for children's games.

If two children, and required the lower tier, then You would be perfect for modern models of the bunk beds-transformers. The lower level of such beds can be transformed into a Desk, or sofa with backrest and under the bottom there are several spacious drawers which can be used for storing bedding or toys.

The side walls of these beds are usually shelves or cabinets, they are very convenient to store books and textbooks, if one child student. When choosing a bunk bed, special attention should be paid to its security. The most common injuries that can get the child on the bed bunk is the injury associated with ladder. Therefore, the ladder should choose carefully.

Best will stop at the option of the inclined ladder, which is installed on either side of the crib. Special attention should be paid to the ways of the fasteners (they should be simple and reliable). Don't forget the little balcony.

The top tier beds have to protect fence height of at least 30 cm ( sides of the second floor should be high, if your baby is sleeping restlessly, it is desirable to have the door in the doorway of the stairs. The bed must withstand all your child's friends when they come through to play). Children's furniture should not have sharp edges and corners. It should be safe, sturdy and comfortable. Should be easy to wash.

The best material from which can be made children bunk bed – natural wood hard wood (to firmly hold the mattress). Although acceptable and plastic. Should be afraid of particle Board, because this material not only is not durable, so also is toxic (contains formaldehyde). Also not desirable beds of a metal profile, metal first, cold, and secondly, can have sharp corners that can cause serious injuries.

Another important detail, the choice of which should be approached no less carefully – mattress on which to sleep Your baby. Of course, it is better to choose natural filler in combination with orthopedic springs. If Your child is allergic, will fit mattresses with a filling of foam (this is an environmentally friendly synthetic filler).

Choosing children's bunk beds, remember that for Your child – this is the place where he should feel comfortable and safe, and therefore the choice should be made only in accordance with the needs and security considerations, but in accordance with the wishes and requests of the baby.