Children's wardrobe — an important constituent element of any child's room and play room in kindergarten or at home.

It is important that children's lockers and shelves contain a large number of things - toys, books, materials for creativity, and also were bright, attractive and fit into the interior.

The children's wardrobe can be made in the form of open shelving, with a large number of shelves, and in the form of modular wall-closets with lockable doors, where you can store things not intended for games. In accordance with the functions, different requirements are imposed on the children's closets, the most important of which is the proportionality of furniture - the shelves intended for the storage of toys must be in the child's access area - not more than 1.2 meters from the floor so that the child can get the desired object, not using chairs and other improvised items.

On its side you can use a special “mitts” on which a child could climb up. On the roof of the Cabinet can be installed panel, and then the roof rack will be a place for games. Your toddler will easily be able to equip there a cozy home and spending as much time as you want, without the risk to fall on the floor. On the other side you can attach a rope ladder or a rope.

Cabinets for children should be manufactured without the use of fragile and potentially dangerous material, e.g. glass, to children even in the midst of the game failed to hurt themselves, accidentally knocking the glass doors or shelves. And if you want, you can paint this glass as he likes. Thus, the wardrobe will turn into a place to play.

The fittings used in the children's closets must be secure and safe in order to avoid the possibility of painfully pinching your finger or hitting the sharp handle of the door.

Children's wardrobes are made in different design solutions: from classical, sustained in light colors and natural wood, to design, using bright shades of particle board.