Modern man is very meticulous about the selection of furniture and, as a rule, first drew attention to its ergonomics and functionality. However, every rule has its exceptions. For example, when choosing a coffee table, these criteria are not important because the ergonomics of it to anything, and all the functionality of the table is only in the fact that it could accommodate all sorts of stuff: kopanitsa, ashtray, vase with flowers, or Newspapers with magazines.

In Europe, coffee tables are used for cups of coffee, because there they are called "coffee".

The main function of the coffee table is decorative. That is why there are a large number of models of coffee tables, differing in both material and design. But the more alternatives, the harder it is to stay on one or another model.

Furniture made of glass and metal - perhaps the most inexpensive option. The tree at the moment is not cheap, you can not afford to buy a coffee table from natural wood.

Glass does not need such careful care as a tree. Thanks to advanced glass manufacturing technologies, the surface of the table is difficult to scratch or smash. Glass furniture has a visual weightlessness and does not clutter the space of the room.

If you want to choose an elegant and not very expensive model, then pay attention to the tables produced in Asia. At the moment, eastern furniture is very popular and still inexpensive. Moreover, the quality of glass coffee tables from China is not inferior to European ones.

If you need to place a lot of things on the table - choose from models with two or more substitutes. Thanks to prudent designers, such models have all chances to be very convenient to use.

To the table was comfortable, it must meet certain parameters. For example, the height of the table should be at least 40 and not more than 50 cm. Well, the area of ​​the countertops is usually from 0.5 to 1.0 square meters.

If You want from the table maximum portability, then buy a model with wheels.

Pay attention to the strength of the design of the table: do not bend the legs with a relatively small load on the table. This may not matter if you use it as a "coffee table", but what happens if, for example, you put a laptop on it? Be sure to ask the seller about the value of the permissible load on the table.

If the table is on wheels, then when moving such a table should not rattletress, and the wheels should not stick.