The easiest way to make a sofa, attach to frame hinges and folding legs. But now many manufacturers of the sofa all over the world use a better mechanism – folding metal frame-frame with attached “armor”, slightly convex spring plates from wood. They give the orthopedic properties of the mattress, the spine remains straight. “Plate” surface forms the base of the bed.



Owner and polyure



“Click-Clack” – this is analogous to Evroknizhka. This is one of the most modern mechanisms of transformation, developed by French engineers. But in the design of Click-Clack provides extra intermediate position of the back “Relax” (or even two) by which a person can sit in a semi-sitting position and reclining.



French bed

The name “French bed” is a sofa this model is reminiscent of the clamshell. A bed in it made of canvas, reinforced with slats. This mechanism is not intended for daily use. This “guest” option – the metal mesh is deteriorating rapidly and starts a desperate squeak. When folded, this sofa is very compact and does not occupy much space, and its design can be quite varied.