The easiest way to make a sofa, attach to frame hinges and folding legs. But now many manufacturers of the sofa all over the world use a better mechanism – folding metal frame-frame with attached “armor”, slightly convex spring plates from wood. They give the orthopedic properties of the mattress, the spine remains straight. “Plate” surface forms the base of the bed.

Based on this technology, the mechanism of transformation of "sedalift" is based.

On sale there are about a dozen different transformation mechanisms, but most often - "book" (varieties: "couch" or "eurobook" and "click-clack"), "French clamshell", "accordion", "rollout" and "dolphin" .

Owner and polyure

One of the most well-known mechanisms, which has proved itself in many years of use. "Book" is a mechanism that can be unfolded by tilting the backrest back (until it clicks) and slightly pushing the seat forward. It is made using two wooden frames and spring blocks, which makes it especially durable and comfortable. It has two positions: "sofa" and "bed".

"Eurobook" is considered one of the most durable and lasting transformation mechanisms. The European alternative to the "book" is the folding mechanism conventionally called the "couch" ("eurobook"). The principle of its operation is simple: the seat extends forward, and the cushions of the back are lowered into the formed space. We can say that there are virtually no shortcomings in such mechanics. In this case, the size of the bed can be very large. Also there is a box for laundry.

“Click-Clack” – this is analogous to Evroknizhka. This is one of the most modern mechanisms of transformation, developed by French engineers. But in the design of Click-Clack provides extra intermediate position of the back “Relax” (or even two) by which a person can sit in a semi-sitting position and reclining.

This type of sofa is ideal for small rooms and even in the unfolded state does not take up much space. He does not need extra space in front of him.

Due to the fact that the sofas with the accordion mechanism have a high, wide and even sleeper, they are great for a night rest. The mechanism is laid out without difficulty, according to the principle of accordion.

French bed

The name “French bed” is a sofa this model is reminiscent of the clamshell. A bed in it made of canvas, reinforced with slats. This mechanism is not intended for daily use. This “guest” option – the metal mesh is deteriorating rapidly and starts a desperate squeak. When folded, this sofa is very compact and does not occupy much space, and its design can be quite varied.

The drawout is the most durable mechanism, designed for frequent transformations. First, for the king (lower front panel), a seat is pulled out, consisting of two parts located one above the other. The third part becomes the headrest and hides in the back. This mechanism is also installed in expensive models.

This mechanism, as a rule, is used in corner sofas. "Dolphin" consists of several parts, one of which is under the seat in a special drawer compartment. The second part is contained in a special retractable block located under the seat. Despite the massive structure of the berth, the lifting mechanism makes it possible to raise it without much effort and fix it in the upper position.

Before choosing a sofa, you need to clearly know its maximum dimensions and provide for all its "transforms" because it can happen that a carpet with a long nap becomes an obstacle to buying an expensive and extremely comfortable sofa with a "rolling out" mechanism or an "accordion".