Is it possible to create a kitchen with your own hands? In order to create in your kitchen warmth and comfort, it is not necessary to hire an expensive designer. A few simple ideas to refresh the interior of Your home and, in addition, will protect Your wallet from extra "weight loss".

The kitchen in modern high-rise buildings is usually reserved for very little space. This often pushes the owners of apartments to tedious re-planning, which "eat" a lot of time and money. Meanwhile, armed with glass and metal, you can expand the kitchen - if not really, then at least visually.

Objects made of glass and metal have all of us a well-known feature - they reflect light. Refracting and reflecting, the sun's rays create in the room a unique play of light, make it lighter. And the bright rooms are subconsciously perceived more than they really are.

How to visually enlarge the kitchen

In addition, glossy covers of kitchen furniture, dishes with curved edges will also help to visually increase the room. Because making the eyes move along a complex trajectory, these "receivers" create the illusion of a deeper and more extended space.

The right lighting also can change the visual kitchen. Soft light over the dining table – provided dinner in a cozy atmosphere. Not enough colors? Then multi-color lighting system comes to the rescue. It is important to care also about the lighting of the working area of the kitchen – nothing must interfere with the owner to create culinary masterpieces.

What to do with the old interior

If the facade of the kitchen is slightly fed up, do not waste money on a new one. The old facade can be refreshed with self-adhesive film or plastic paint. Retro style does not go out of fashion. Therefore, old, shabby facades can be removed by draping shelves and lockers with curtains of dense fabric with a small checkered or floral pattern.

The ultra-trendy refrigerator with built-in TV is wonderful. But even the old Soviet "Dnieper", "Minsk" or "Donbass" can get a second youth thanks to modern colors. Special paint is applied directly to the fat-free surface of the housing - nothing needs to be smoothed and sanded.

Beautiful chairs for a beautiful dining table every meal a joy. How to restore old chairs to its former beauty? A great solution – the covers, they can cover like the whole chair completely, and separately the backrest and seat. And to sew blankets for everyone who has ever experienced with a sewing machine. Adding slipcovers a tablecloth of the same or similar fabric, you can create a harmonious set.

Wooden chairs can be painted, choosing for this bright, modern colors. Before painting, you only need to sand the surface a little, so that the paint falls more smoothly. If you want something new and relevant - choose Italian furniture. it will reliably serve you for a long time.

Ethnic motives in the interior are very relevant. Several beautiful large plates, inherited from the grandmother, plus a couple of nails in the wall - and long live ethnic notes in the kitchen!