Nowadays almost every modern person owns an account in one or another social network. The most popular in the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet is VKontakte. This social network is as simple and intuitive as possible. And while it supports a huge number of easily configurable parameters. Every day at least hundreds of people start a new account, add friends to "friends", play in applications and share their photos with their circle of friends.

The benefits of this social network can be said a lot, but its main advantage is a flexible system of confidentiality. But for each action is, as we know, its opposition. That is, if you are interested in hidden friends "VKontakte" - you will find ways to see them here.

The main advantage of social network "Vkontakte" – customizable privacy

It is logical that the social network "VKontakte" is constantly on the move, its developers are not tired of adding any new opportunities for users. So, you can not only unlimitedly add almost unlimited number of friends, but also hide them from prying eyes. Until recently, in hidden friends in the "VC" you could add absolutely all virtual friends. However, the developers felt that this function is contrary to the very essence of the resource, and now you can hide up to 30 friends.

How to see hidden friends "VKontakte": a safe method

Legal ways approved by the administration of the social network, no. But you can always use some trick. With this Board you can learn not only how to see hidden friends "Vkontakte", but later on doing it yourself.

If in virtual friends you only have one person - one whose hidden friends "VKontakte" you are interested in, then the system will automatically offer you in the "Possible Friends" tab of all his acquaintances. Even those that were originally hidden.

To do this, you need to create a fake account. It can be any name and surname, as well as information "About me". Your main goal is to add friends to the person of your interest. After he added you, you need to go to the "My friends" tab. Click there "Search". And you will see a list of all possible common acquaintances.

How to learn hidden friends? Just after that go to the above tab. There you will be offered all the "friends" of the added person, and, possibly, hidden. So, the question of how to look for hidden friends is no longer a problem for you.

If this method for some reason does not fit, then you will always be able to watch specialized video tutorials, for example, the link:

There you can also find answers to many questions, about how to set up the privacy of a page on a social network or, conversely, how to find out other people's secrets.

Remember that in the virtual space offers a large number of options how to disrupt someone else's privacy, but do not trust those sites that try to impose your use of their software. Thus, you not only can bring a malicious virus to your computer, but you also get the risk of being blocked by the administration of the social network, without knowing how to see the hidden friends of VKontakte.