Entrance and interior doors – an essential attribute of any home. Performing a protective, sound and thermal insulation function, the doors, among other things, are an important element of decoration of the room. So installation of doors with their hands requires maximum accuracy and responsible approach.

Most often, the doors are mounted in a door frame installed in the doorway. The exception is sliding or pendular doors, for installation of which a slightly different technology is used. To decorate the doorway, decorative platbands are used - they cover the installation gaps and unevennesses and give the door a more aesthetic appearance.

For use at home are selected, as a rule, single wing wooden doors. from solid wood, paneled or paneled. This choice is due solely to the taste preferences of the owners of housing, their financial capabilities.

The door leaf is fastened to the door frame often with the help of hinged loops   - According to their location, the doors are divided into left and right sides. If the door opens "on itself" and the hinges are located to the left - then this is the left-hand door, if the door opens from itself and the hinges are on the right - then this door is right-sided.

To install the new door it is recommended to pick an appropriate doorframe. Install new door in an old box is not desirable. because it is very difficult to "fit" the dimensions.

With the installation of doors with their hands the main – to calculate the required width and height of the door leaf and door frame. Typically, interior doors are installed before laying the floor covering, so you need measurements to deduct from door height thickness of future floor covering.

In the General case installation of doors with his hands is performed in the following sequence.

  • preparing to install
  • the Assembly of the boxes
  • installation of the door leaf
  • the installation of the architraves.

The door frame is usually attached to the doorway in two ways: "on the foam" and through mount.   When installing the box "on the foam," the assembled box with the already embedded hardware and together with the door leaf on the wedges is installed in the opening, and the voids are filled with mounting foam. On drying, the foam expands and fills all the voids, reliably fixing the door in the opening.

Installation of doors only "foam" has several significant disadvantages. the main of which is the inability to accurately determine the gaps between the box and the door leaf. As a consequence, the door frame can be deformed, which will interfere with the natural "running" of the door leaf.

When installing the door frame the way through the mounting box is attached to the sides of the opening with screws with a diameter of 8-10 mm. At the end of the installation screws will be masked with decorative plaster or are covered with decorative plugs.

The order of Assembly and installation of doors with their hands way end-to-end mounting   looks like that:

  1. door leaf mark under the box lock and hinge according to the chosen opening side doors
  2. according to the completed markup with chisels to make the necessary slots and holes for hinges and lock
  3. the hinges and lock set in a door leaf with screws or with screws
  4. fasten with screws the side racks and the top bar of the box, pre-lubricated the attachment glue
  5. attaching the door leaf to the box to make markup to the response hinges on this markup to produce the sample of nests
  6. loop to install on a box of screws or screws to assemble the door unit
  7. door unit ready to install in a doorway and with wedges with the "wrong" side of the door leaf
  8. to identify locations for drilling in the doorway and on the uprights of the door frame
  9. removing the block from the opening, drill through the holes for the dowels and install the dowels
  10. re-install the unit into the opening and along the planned holes to secure the unit using screws
  11. install on the door leaf the necessary hardware: handles, latches, lock
  12. mark on the side of the rack box place to tie the response part of the castle and to install the striker with screws
  13. if necessary, fix the door unit in the opening using foam (fabric is in the closed position, the entire length of the rack box to install spacers to avoid jamming)
  14. a day later, cut off the excess foam, remove spacers, install decorative plugs
  15. at the doorway to set the trim to hide joints and gaps between the door unit and opening

Performing work on the installation of doors with their hands, it is important to constantly monitor the accuracy of vertical and horizontal lines with a level and plumb.   Keep the room temperature and humidity constant. otherwise the door can "lead" and it will not open / close well.