Suspended ceilings – the # 1 solution if you want to neatly hide all sorts of utilities and receive a beautiful ceiling. The ceiling is a horizontal design metal frame and decorative plates, which is attached to the base ceiling.

Suspended ceilings are durable, aesthetically pleasing and, moreover, very convenient if necessary, the individual modules of a false ceiling can be easily removed and replaced with the new. There are suspended ceilings on the materials, shape and dimensions of the lining.

So, panels for suspended ceilings made from mineral fiber, plaster, drywall, metal, wood and plastic. The material should be chosen based on the technical requirements for the suspended ceiling, because in certain cases, suspended ceilings should be increased noise insulation, fire safety, moisture resistance, etc.

The form panel for suspended ceilings  can be divided into 6 groups:

In addition, stand out as curved ceiling panels. designed to create a smooth transition between different levels of the suspended ceiling.

When choosing a suspended ceiling should be based on a number of criteria. So, for suspended ceilings a very important indicator of retro-reflection. The higher the rate, the less lighting, natural or artificial, need to place.

The indicator of water resistance  It is responsible for the stability of the suspended ceiling to deformations under the influence of moisture. When choosing a false ceiling for a bathroom or kitchen, this indicator should be at least 95%.

Very important also performance of heat and sound insulation of suspended ceilings. The level of noise insulation of suspended ceilings is due to the degree of sound absorption by the material from which it is made - soft porous materials are particularly good in this regard.

The insulating properties of the ceiling are also due to the choice of the material the more it resists to heat, the higher its thermal insulation characteristics.

Depending on the required level of fire safety of the premises  For suspended ceilings, refractory materials should be used: non-flammable, hardly flammable, hardly flammable.

The choice of material for suspended ceilings it is impossible not to take into account the aesthetic requirements.  Using different colors and textures of the material, as well as correctly selected lighting, you can get various design effects.