The famous proverb says: "the Theater begins with a hanger!". And Your house begins with the hallway – it was from hallway design depends on the first impression Your guests about it.

In modern apartments there is very little space in the hallway - this area is not "habitable". Nevertheless, even with the most modest dimensions, the hallway design should be given maximum attention.

The design of the hallway, many tend to make a "Spartan" desert   and believe that the best furniture for the hallway is the lack of furniture. Of course, carved tables for different trifles and exquisite chairs, on beautiful carved legs may seem to you an unnecessary luxury, however the minimum set of furniture in the hallway is mandatory.

So, You need to determine the place for storing keys, umbrellas, shoes, outerwear. In order that You can put on shoes, in the design of the hall should provide a place and under a small chair, an Ottoman or even couch, if the size of the room. Also, do not interfere in the hallway mirror. preferably in full growth. Instead of a mirror, you can use a wardrobe with mirrored doors and thus "kill two birds with one stone."

The walls in the hallway doing the same methods and using same materials as for other rooms in the house. But because in the hallway accumulates dirt and dust from the street, the moisture after rain or snow. Therefore, You should remember that the decoration of the walls is better to use materials that are easy to clean. It can be washable wallpaper, wallpaper for painting, decorative painting of walls.

In the design of the small size of the hall it is not recommended to use dark colors of paint or Wallpaper. The decoration of the walls with Wallpapers, you should avoid small pattern – it makes the room visually even less.

As for flooring, you in the hallway design is not appropriate wooden floor – it requires a very meticulous care and careful attitude. Laminate flooring as a cheaper substitute of the flooring, You can very accurately select, in accordance with the flooring other rooms. However, many problems remain unsolved. Laminate   as well as parquet, you can not wet, you can not walk on his heels. In addition, the laminate flooring is very "noisy".

Outdoor ceramic tile is often used in the design of the hallways.   It is easy to clean, resistant to external influences. However, it also has a number of drawbacks, among which its slipperiness, cold surface.

Lighting is perhaps the most important element in the design of the hall. In the hallway are not properly chosen and installed lighting will give Your hallway to turn into the "dark realm". The ceiling in the hallway, you can do multi-level, and it is "sew" a few halogen bulbs for the "upper light." For "local" lighting if you wish, you can use beautiful chandeliers and lamps.

The style of furniture and accessories in the design of the hall should blend with the style of the other rooms in Your home.   Original hooks for clothes in the form of forest animals or beautiful snags, sticks-penechki - these accessories will decorate your "forest" interior.

In the hallway people usually do not spend a lot of time - five minutes in the morning before going to work and the same in the evening on their return. butthe functional and comfortable design of the hall depends on how exactly You spend these few minutes. in the bustle and crush, or in the calm putting of finishing touches in his image.