At apartment renovation and interior planning should pay attention not only to functionality but also the decor of the room. For example, photo Wallpapers in the interior will help to freshen up a room, making it unusual and exciting.

Many photo wallpapers in the interior are associated primarily with Soviet birches, which at one time could be seen in the living room almost every second. Photo wallpapers were really very popular in the 70-80s of the last century, right after their appearance on the market. People tried to diversify the familiar interior with a furniture wall and carpet on the floor, visually increase the small space of the apartment. But the general fashion on wallpaper in the interior lasted for a relatively short time, and for a while they were forgotten.

Now the photo Wallpapers in the interior are experiencing a rebirth. Changed production technology:  now the wall-papers are made by a method of a large-format color printing that allows to receive the image of high quality. This technology allows you to preserve the color and quality of wallpaper for 15 years. The original photo is done with the help of digital technology, due to which the resolution of the photo is large enough to clearly look even on a large area. A post-processing image in the graphics editor allows you to add unusual and interesting effects, impossible for traditional photography.

Wallpapers are now printed not only on paper but also synthetic fabrics, non-woven or vinyl. For extra strength Wallpapers laminated. so they will not fade for many years. There are even self adhesive Wallpaper. already coated on one side with a sticky compound. With them you just need to carefully remove the protective paper, and you can immediately glue.

Photo Wallpapers in the interior can be used not only for papering walls. They also glue on a door, hang their furniture. The place of use of the desktop is limited only by your imagination. By the way, care for Wallpaper it is very easy. even if they are not laminated, the surface of the wallpaper is glossy, so it is simply gently wiped with a damp cloth.

Mural in the interior – is not only the familiar landscape, although they, too. Wallpaper can simulate a variety of materials and textures (wood, marble, tile, brick, fabric), they can be marked with abstract patterns and designs. In the kitchen you can stick the wall murals with images on them still life that will whet the appetite. In the nursery, the well will look Wallpaper with fairy tale characters. You can even request a exclusive Wallpapers  with any image - up to the portraits of your family and friends.

In the interior you can use one piece Wallpapers. representing a single photopanel. These Wallpapers are used if the selected image is not too large. For large images use Wallpaper, consisting of individual elements. The process of gluing these Wallpapers reminds the Assembly of the puzzle. To glue these Wallpapers are need very carefully, so was not noticeable joints and it was solid.

Photo Wallpapers in the interior vary in placement.

  • Wallpapers large size  They are designed to completely cover the wall. Usually it's landscapes.
  • Narrow mural glued to the wall. Usually they have a self-adhesive base.
  • Border Wallpapers mimic things and furnishings (for example, shelves or other furniture).

If you decide to use wallpaper in the interior,no need to save neither on quality, nor on the number of Wallpapers. Substandard wallpaper can quickly fade and lose its appearance. And do not buy less wallpapers than necessary, hoping the rest of the wall to be covered with furniture. Sooner or later you may want to do a reshuffle, and "gaps" on the walls will not allow you to rearrange the furniture.

Photo Wallpapers in the interior are well suited for small apartments and small rooms. Below the mural “began to play” the room should not be overloaded with furniture. Using wall murals can visually increase the room and to shift the emphasis in design.  Vertical lines in the wallpaper pattern (for example, tall trees) visually increase the height of the room, horizontal - on the contrary, reduce. A large, clear drawing will allow you to focus on a certain part of the room.

The dominant color of the Wallpaper depends entirely on your taste. But remember that bright, flashy colors very quickly tire, and to be long in this room will be difficult. Better if the Wallpapers in the interior will be more quiet colors, such as blue or green.

Stories, wall photos  can be very different. The only advice - try to choose cheerful subjects and avoid a lot of sharp angles in the picture, because such wallpaper will quickly start to oppress.

Photo wallpapers in the interior are becoming more popular, because they are durable, easy to clean, and a wide range, a variety of scenes and the ability to order exclusive wallpapers minimize the likelihood that someone else's interior will be almost an exact copy of yours.