Before the New year we all have to work hard, making the General pre-holiday cleaning. However one cleaning is not enough to create a Christmas mood. Therefore, it is useful to know how to decorate a house for the New year.

Deciding to decorate the house for the New year, the first is to determine design concept. This is done so that the decorated New Year tree and the New Year's festive table do not "fall out" from the general decor of the room. It's not at all necessary to come up with a complex concept, it's enough just to limit the selection of the primary colors that you will use for design. "Traditional" New Year colors and combinations - white, blue, golden, silver, red with green, blue with silver.

If you want to decorate the house on New year's original, surprising their guests with unusual decor, you can try to create themed Christmas decor. It can be an interior in the style of traditional English Christmas - with socks for gifts over the fireplace. ornaments of mistletoe and holly in the doorways, Christmas wreaths on the doors and thick Christmas candles on the windowsill.

If the traditional new year and Christmas decor you are tired and you long for warmer countries — why not throw a luau and imagine what's outside the window not snow drifts, and warm sea and sandy beach. To decorate the house for the New year luau, you need exotic fruits, bright flowers (live or artificial), more houseplants. Instead of trees, you can decorate the palm in the tub or any other high houseplant. By analogy with Hawaii, you can make a Christmas interior African, the Eastern or Greek style .

If you decide to give preference to the traditional new year's decoration, can to use anything you want. paper chains and garlands made of other materials, tinsel, Christmas decorations, satin ribbons and bows from them, new year's ikebana. candles Except the Christmas tree lights and tinsel to hang on the walls, chandeliers, floor lamps, furniture, etc., of tinsel, you can also make a frame for a mirror, and if you add wire, you can use the tinsel to create three-dimensional compositions.

"Dilute" artificial "rain" and the tinsel will help green plants. branches of coniferous trees (pine, spruce, fir, etc.) and deciduous plants. Traditional New Year's plants include mistletoe, holly (holly) and "Christmas star" punch. You can begin a month before the New Year to sprout from bulbs tulips or daffodils. And if two weeks before the New Year you put a few branches with buds in the water, the first leaves will appear on them for the holiday.

Spruce and pine branches to decorate artificial snow. The easiest way is to buy ready-made artificial snow in a can. Still it is possible to smear branches with glue and to strew a grated foam on a grater (for example, from packing of home appliances) or finely chopped rain. Another way to create artificial snow takes time. You will need to make a hot concentrated salt solution (for this purpose it is convenient to use a basin or a large bowl). In this solution, a fir or pine branch is dipped and left for the night. In the morning, the branch should be removed from the solution and dried. When the water evaporates, white salt crystals remain on the needles - just like snow.

Don't forget to decorate the Windows. You need to buy artificial snow or mist in the spray and apply it on the window (you can use a stencil to apply a specific pattern or to write a New year greetings). Some prefer to draw on Windows paint drawings. This is a very elegant option, which will greatly enliven your interior. The key is to use easy wash paints, for example, gouache or watercolour. Another way to decorate the Windows — cut paper many different snowflakes and stick them to the window with ordinary soap.

However, when creating new year's interior don't forget about security. all decorations need to be well strengthened, especially if the house has small children or animals. Take care that they do not have the opportunity to try tinsel or "rain" on the palate.

Christmas decor will help you create the festive atmosphere. To decorate a house for the New Year is one of the ways to make a holiday the way it was in childhood: unusual and magical.