What things do you associate with the phrase "ethnic style in the interior". Usually spotted Oriental rugs, low tables and soft pillows, a huge hookah and the smell of incense. In fact, the interior in Oriental style is only a special case of ethnic identity.

The word "ethnic" indicates belonging to a people or nation. Therefore, ethnic style is not necessarily East. You can meet the interior in African, Japanese, French, Irish, Ukrainian style - and in all cases it will be an ethnic style.

The ethnic style is different from any other style in the interior? First and foremost, of course, the concept that we "dance." First you need to choose the country which will be presented in your interior. For example, you always liked Japan, but you could not go there - then you can arrange a "branch" of Japan right in your apartment. Or vice versa, you managed to go to the land of your dreams. You brought from there a lot of souvenirs that do not look in the usual interior, and decided to "reshape" the design of the room (or the entire apartment) for them.

Ethnic style in the interior was "most likely", you need to remember several important rules :

  1. Ethnic style is a harmonious combination of materials, colors and shades, furniture and accessories, specific to a particular country. The key word here is "balanced". Mindless conglomeration of ethnic furniture and accessories will make your interior ethnic. Ethnic style is an accurate reproduction of the color of one side or another, taking into account its traditions, history and mentality.
  2. Ethnic style — is, first and foremost, natural materials. In extreme cases artificial, but come on, very similar to natural. Wood, bamboo, stone, hemp, natural fabrics (silk, cotton, linen, wool. ). The pillows are cheap synthetic pillowcases can transform your interior in ethnic style Eastern harem in the cheap scenery for the film "Angelique and the Sultan".
  3. Ethnic style requires attention to detail. Before planning the interior, not too lazy to look for the information about the culture and traditions of the chosen country, to consult with knowledgeable people. Or better yet, hire a specialist, of course, if you can afford it. Especially careful should be with different labels. Not the fact that found on the Internet character, signed "love," really means "love" and not something dirty.

Most often ethnic style is used when interior design of cafes, restaurants, clubs, hotels   etc. If it is combined with the appropriate menu and staff uniform, the public pushes them into such places. Almost in every city there are coffee shops and hookahs in oriental style, sushi bars in Japanese style, a cafe in Russian (as an option - Ukrainian) style. To drink coffee, eat borsch and even sushi can be at home - in institutions in the ethnic style go after the atmosphere.

But ethnic style it is appropriate in the interior of a house or apartment. There are only a couple "but". First, this interior rather quickly get bored. Tell yourself honestly, you will survive long in colorful Oriental home? Or in a Japanese apartment with paper thin partitions instead of walls? Second, tidying up the apartment, decorated in ethnic style, will have much more. Carpets, draperies and accessories collect much dust, so much of your time you will spend on maintaining your ethnic interior in decent form.

If you are not willing to make such sacrifices — we can offer you a compromise. Many have country houses outside the city. Why not design one of the rooms in the country house in ethnic style? For example, if you have a Finnish oven or fireplace. decorate the room in Scandinavian or Celtic style. And on the covered porch it is quite possible to arrange an eastern teahouse with carpets, pillows and hookah.

Ethnic style in the interior is well suited for romantics, lovers of travel and seekers of adventure. Exotic corner in your apartment   help to relax, forget about everyday problems and enjoy traveling to distant countries without leaving home.