What do you associate with the country? Lively music, a guitar and a banjo, boots, hats and plaid shirts. And, of course, a cosy rustic interior cowboy ranch. Today in the land of the Soviets — the interior of the country.

Because country music country style in the interior is associated primarily with the American ranch. In fact, the interior in country style goes far beyond the "cowboy" of the home. The interior of the country is any rustic interior. Russian hut, Ukrainian hut, Latin American hacienda, French village house. This feature is similar to the rustic interior style with ethnic.

Most often the interior of the country can be seen in country houses and cottages. But that still does not mean that a country style in the interior is quite impossible to use conventional model homes. Moreover, to decorate the whole apartment in country style is not necessarily  - You can decorate in the rustic style of one of the rooms or even part of the room.

Another important advantage of the rustic interior that it does not require significant expenses. unlike, for example, the Victorian design of the room. The interior of the country — ideal for handmaidens, which may want certain elements of the interior to do with their hands. Curtains you can make yourself from inexpensive fabric with flowers, a tablecloth on the table — to crochet. Covers for furniture, cushion covers for pillows, patchwork blankets and even patterns can be performed in the technique of "patchwork". These things fit perfectly into the interior of the country, make it truly individual and will not require significant cash outlay — how much can cost unnecessary patches?

So, what is the interior of the country? What you need to know to create a pristine interior in country style ?

  1. Materials. Natural, only natural! This must be your motto when choosing the materials to design their homes in a rustic style. For the wall design will fit a simple Wallpaper, decorative plaster, brick or even stonework, decorative wooden panels and cornices. Floor most often use wood, tile and stone and as flooring mats and carpets. Modern materials such as plastic, should be avoided, and the glass be used very sparingly.
  2. Textures and patterns. Country style in the interior not accept complex textures. If the fabric is something simple and natural, the Wallpaper must be ordinary paper or vinyl for painting, reminiscent of textiles. Depending on the selected design direction, you can use bamboo Wallpaper. Simplicity applies to the patterns preferably small inconspicuous flower or violet.
  3. Color. The interior of the country is not tied strictly to a specific color, but color matching certain rules do exist. Colors should not be bright, flashy and provocative. Better to choose one color scheme, pastel and understated, and maintain the interior in it, "diluting" and refreshing of its bright spots. The most common colors, country interior is a beige, brown, blue, light blue, green, white (not snow-white, milk or ivory). Although, of course, there are other options.
  4. Furniture and accessories. Preferably wicker furniture and natural wood furniture. It may even be deliberately rude. Great if you have the opportunity to use a village "grandmother" furniture — massive chests, benches, wicker baskets, wall open cabinets, Gorki. Looks good in the interior country fireplace. oven, or at least imitation. As accessories you can use pots and vases with flowers, bouquets of dried flowers. And in the kitchen — a variety of cute jars of spices, bundles of dried vegetables, etc.

The only difficulty that you may face when designing the house in country style is the need to disguise appliances. which does not fit perfectly into the typical rustic interior. But you can also cope with this by showing imagination.

The interior is country — cozy and warm, a real godsend for those who live according to the principle "My home is my castle" .