Feng Shui (Feng Shui) is a Chinese doctrine, whose main goal — the search for a favorable flow of qi energy that permeates all of creation, and the use of this energy for the benefit of man. Very often the principles of Feng Shui are used in the layout of living rooms. Today in the land of the Soviets — Feng Shui kitchen.

Feng Shui kitchen is no less important than the Feng Shui of the bedroom. indeed, in the kitchen we spend a significant part of his time. In many families, the kitchen is not just a place of cooking and eating it a kind of community center. At the kitchen table, family members share the news of the past day, hold family advice, even receive guests. Often, the kitchen is more popular in the house than the living room.

It turns out that the kitchen is kind of the center of the house (if not literally, then figuratively), so Feng Shui kitchen should be given special attention. Since the kitchen is regularly a lot of people gather, ideally, it should be spacious and bright. The light in the kitchen should be bright enough, but not sharp. Ideal option - natural lighting.

Being in the kitchen, the hostess needs to see any man who comes into the kitchen. It is important to good view from anywhere in the kitchen   - from the kitchen table, stove, sink and other "key" places. If the area of ​​your kitchen is too small for a good view, hang a mirror at the entrance, this will help to correct the situation.

For a Feng Shui kitchen it is very important the collaboration started Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). Since the kitchen most of the time there is an active activity, to prevail should start Jan. In favor of each of the inclines started a particular element: Yin is Wood, and for Yang — Metal. To emphasize the quality of beginning Yang, you need to use in kitchen design metallic elements.

But don't forget to Feng Shui the kitchen is important harmony, balance opposites. Excess Metal is the source of aggressive emotions, and the overabundance of the Tree makes the atmosphere in the kitchen prim and gloomy.

Compliance with the rule of harmony applies to other elements, because it is in the kitchen are frequent conflicts. The stove meets Fire, sink — Water, and the ceramic ware — Land. You need carefully calculate the balance of these elements and extinguish possible conflicts. To do this, you can use colors (in particular, floors, walls and curtains), textures and plants. But keep in mind that in the kitchen there should not be too many plants.

By the way, from colors. The rules of Feng Shui kitchen order to avoid excessively large patches of color saturated colors (e.g., dark blue and scarlet). It is best to give preference to the background of pastel colours and shades.

What are important rules of Feng Shui kitchen ?

  1. Ideally, the kitchen should to occupy a Central place (of course, in an apartment it is problematic to change, but if you plan to own a house, keep this in mind).
  2. Highly undesirable, if the entrance to the kitchen leads from the hallway when you need to avoid it.
  3. If the kitchen is bordered with toilet, good energy will go down the drain. If redevelopment impossible close the foil wall between the kitchen and toilet — this should stop the outflow of energy.
  4. If the kitchen has chipped or cracked crockery. it is necessary to get rid of the presence of such utensils in the kitchen have a negative impact on health.
  5. If the kitchen a leaky faucet. you should immediately have it repaired — along with water from a faucet can waste your health.
  6. Many people like to watch a TV in the kitchen. Note that you can't look at it the dark transfer — you seem to "eat" the negative along with food, and it causes you harm. The same effect has and swearing in the kitchen.

And remember: the Feng Shui kitchen is just one of the aspects of harmony in your home. If you don't try to find harmony within yourself. no relocation of furniture will not be able to help you.