Most of us parquet is associated mostly with wooden planks, laid "herringbone". In fact, a variety of parquet floors is amazing. One of the most luxurious-looking types of flooring is art parquet.

Artistic parquet (design flooring, art flooring) is a flooring that meets two basic requirements :

  • a bold, complex pattern, consisting of fragments of different shapes
  • the use of different wood species to create a unique ornamental or mosaic compositions

And a selection of wood for art parquet it is not simple. Different tree species not only have different color and texture, but different "behave" with the fluctuation of humidity and temperature, different loads. Usually familiar to us tree species (maple, ash, oak) are shaded exotic, with an unusual shade and texture.

Parquet can be made with different elements :

  • border
  • outlet
  • socket-the picture
  • angle element
  • a curvilinear pattern or design
  • mosaic pattern

The border is a mosaic ribbon with a geometric pattern or a curvilinear ornament, the width of which can vary from a few millimeters to meters. The width of the border depends on its mission. Art parquet border can be used for multiple purposes and for framing the main floor, and to separate into zones, and as the boundary between different types of flooring.

Artistic parquet in the corner you can call a private view of the curb. But if the border is a rectangular strip, the angle is similar to the two bands, United by the letter G. These elements, you can decorate every corner of the room, and only one.

Art parquet flooring rosette is one of the most popular decorative items used for decorating the floor. Rosette is a figure round or oval. The socket may have a complex pattern consisting of a large number of items, and can be quite simple. Pattern choice of outlet depends on the style of the room. Most often the socket is placed in the center of the room.

Artistic parquet is a "higher level" is called Palace parquet. Previously this floor was very expensive, so it can be found only in the Palace interiors — hence the name. Palace parquet emphasized the wealth and status of the owners of the premises.

Palace parquet is different intricate curvilinear patterns and a variety of color combinations. in the manufacture of the Palace floor for one room can be used hundreds of different species of wood (and that's no exaggeration!). Palace parquet is more of an artwork than the usual flooring.

Artistic parquet is manufactured in the two main techniques. marquetry and intarsia. Both of these techniques represent the inlaid wood on wood, but marquetry — it is a simple technique used to create mosaic geometric compositions. And intarsia used for the creation of complex dramatic patterns, and quite often it is created manually.

Conventional parquet comes in the form of ready-made modules or parts and is accompanied by a diagram of the installation. No additional fit when laying a hardwood floor is not required: master just recreates the picture on the floor, leaning on the existing scheme. Palace parquet is laid on the same principle, but it is parketin irregular, complex shapes (flourishes, monograms, etc.)

Parquet looks luxurious, but that does not mean that it is not available to the average consumer. Modern technology has allowed to reduce the cost  such a parquet, so that now boast a beautifully finished floor can not only the owners of castles and estates.

Artistic flooring can be used for spaces of different sizes. Of course, we cannot say that it will fit into absolutely any style room, but most of the styles in this flooring is not to damage it is the main thing to choose the color and pattern of flooring.