Mirror tile is a great interior decor. Not only is it visually expands the space but also helps to disguise minor imperfections repair. Mirror tiles says the land of the Soviets.

Many people think that the mirror tiles are suitable only for interior bathroom. In fact, it can be successfully used in design living room, hallway or lobby. Most often, mirror tiles are used for the installation of mirror ceilings. But this does not mean that you can not use it for another purpose. Very beautifully looks a panel on the wall, laid out from such a tile.

What are advantages of mirror tiles. First, mirror tiles has good reflective ability   (about 92%). Due to this, it visually expands the room, making it lighter. Therefore, this tile is good for use in small rooms and rooms where there is not enough natural light. In addition, the mirror tiles are great for rooms with a low ceiling: the mirror ceiling visually seems higher.

Second, mirror tile resistant to external influences. increased humidity, exposure to chemicals that may be contained in detergents or cosmetic sprays. That is why mirror tiles are often used in interior design of bathrooms.

Third, mirror tile versatile and very beautiful. Range of mirror tiles is quite broad: there are different shapes, colors and sizes. For example, panels can be ordered with square tile and rectangular or even tile with beveled edges — facets. Multi-colored mirrored tiles will help to create not only panels, but the whole picture. Tile sizes are different, the smallest size — 292х295 mm, and the largest — 1195х1995 mm.

How to install mirrored tiles? The first thing to prepare the surface. The surface on which the mirror tile is laid, whether it is a wall or a ceiling, should be absolutely flat. Therefore, you need to completely clean the surface of the old plaster (if the house is concrete, the plaster is removed to concrete, if the brick - to the brick). After cleaning the wall from the old plaster, you need to re-align it and primed it.

But immediately after that to glue the tiles. Mirror tile, put "the eye", to look good will not. Before gluing the tiles should to make the wall layout for rows of tiles, you will need to not count on the ideal size tiles, and real. Even in the same batch sizes of tiles can differ — even by just a few millimeters, but the markup it needs to be considered. If you decided to do a tile mural, you must first select and lay out the future of the mural on the floor. deciding how the tile will be located, and only then transfer the panel to the wall.

Making the layout, you can begin the actual gluing tiles. It is best to start with a horizontal row of tiles. Taken mirror tile, lubricated with a special adhesive composition, is applied to the surface and pressed down for a few seconds. Then you need to set the border tile cross, which corresponds to the thickness of the intended seam. After that, put the next mirror tile, all the way to the end. It is worth remembering the famous saying: "Haste makes waste", and not try to put all panels at one time. Better to split it into several stages.

When the whole mirror tile is laid, you need to let it dry for a couple of days, and after that you can proceed to grouting. For smoothing use transparent neutral silicone. It is squeezed into the seam with a special gun. The surpluses of silicone that have fallen on the tile are wiped off with a damp soft cloth. When the grout dries, you need to give the finished panel a common gloss.

As you can see, laying a mirror tile is not so difficult. Mirror Tiles -great interior element. It is especially suitable for small and dark rooms.