Sink installation — an essential phase of the bathroom renovation. if only a repair is not cosmetic, "on top" and solid, with the installation of new plumbing. How to install a sink in the bathroom?

Sink installation is not easy, and it is better to entrust this task to a plumber. But in General to know how this process occurs, not hurt. Sink installation (regardless of the type, shape, material, sink and fixtures) consists of several stages :

  • Removal of old sink.
  • The measurement of the parameters of the new shell and marking the wall for the mounts.
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures and drain.
  • Mount the sink.
  • Connection of pipes of water supply and drainage.
  • Installation of a siphon with the drain.

Installation of the sink is of several types. Perhaps the most famous and widespread of these isinstall the sink on the brackets. First, the master does in the pre-partition wall — it shows exactly where the sink will be located. After that he attaches to the wall brackets are sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the shell and intake valves. Then the sink is fixed with dowels. The master leads to the sink drain system (hydraulic valve and discharge pipe) and installs the siphon.

The second method of installation is install the sink on the pedestal. when the shell is attached to the wall so that the drain hole was located in the center. Tightly clutching the sink to the wall, the wizard makes the markup at fixing through the mounting holes. He then drills out the holes and inserts them in the tube. Then the mounting holes of the shell to combine with holes in the wall and attach the sink to the wall with screws or dowels. Then attach to the sink drain trap, and a pipe connected to the sewer.

If the sewer pipes mounted in the wall and a drain located at a height of not less than two feet from the floor, you can install the sink the semi -. When this sink is installed in the usual way and then attach the semi-on studs that were pre-mounted in the wall. For this you need to combine eyes with the semi-studs.

Another method of installation — installing a sink on a pedestal. Cupboard closes unsightly-looking pipe, in addition, it is possible to store washing powder, detergents, etc. First to the place where is located the sink, is a special bedside table. In cutout worktops inserted sink, marked the site of attachment of the wash basin. Then you need to drill the holes, fix the faucet, a siphon, and then the sink itself. After this, the discharge pipe of the siphon is inserted into the bell of the sewer, and to connect the faucet pipe water supply.

In order to hide the communication you can use not only tables, but also special wash — "tulips". In these basins water communications are hidden in the special "foot". Installation of the "tulip" shell in the following way. First, on the basis set case, not perpetuating. The u-trap and the drain pipe attached to the sink, and the underwater pipe to the mixer. Communications are retracted into the base, basin is fixed with two screws on the leg when using the clutch. The washbasin is screwed to the wall through the holes in the mounting locations.

If you need extra storage space for toiletries, you can helpinstallation of the shell on the hanging shelf. The regiment will take over the reference load, and simultaneously will serve as a place to store your shampoo and shower gels. To install the shell on the hanging shelf in the wall, drill holes and attach the sink. The shelf is placed under the sink and make a hole in it. The hole of shelves connect to the drain hole of the sink and attach the shelf to the wall. The siphon located under the shelf, you need to connect with a drain hole and a drain.

If you have a small bathroom. you will help to save space sink installation type "water Lily". This is a shallow rectangular sink, under which you can install a washing machine. Such a sink completely covers the washing machine, and the sink in it is located so that the machine can be installed without problems under the sink.