Soon comes the time of summer vacations. Someone will go to the sea, some overseas, and someone decides to spend a vacation at his dacha. If you one of those who believes the country house best place for a summer vacation, you should to preplan the interior of the villas. after all, country interior helps to create a relaxing "vacation" atmosphere.

How to be a good interior garden? Reasonably simple, quite functional and very comfortable. You go to the country house to rest - which means that the villa interior should not remind you of the bustle and troubles left in the city. Therefore, the style of the dacha interior should be as different from the style of the interior of your city apartment.

Most often the interior of the villas is decorated in a country style "rustic". This country interior reminiscent of the infamous "house in the village"  and has a leisurely, measured way of life, helping us to isolate ourselves from the city's bustle and restore our strengths before plunging into the boiling life of the big city.

What features are characteristic for country interior country style? In the first place is the use of only natural materials. If the floors are something of rough boards. Some leave them in their original form, but it's best to cover the floors with varnish to protect yourself from splinters. If the walls - then trimmed with wooden panels or lined with decorative stone. But natural materials are usually expensive, so you can do with artificial materials that maximally naturally imitate natural.

Usually the interior of the villa islight, pastel colors peach, tea, amber, tender lettuce. And country interior is not too boring, you can add bright spots — pillows, blankets and curtains with a pattern. Curtains better to sew with natural fabrics (flax, cotton). Most often in a suburban restaurant, there are curtains with a small figure (polka dots, flowers, etc.).

A very big impact on the interior of the cottage has furniture. A common mistake is to turn the country into a warehouse of old furniture. which is no longer the place in a city apartment. This option, of course, helps to save money, but do you really feel comfortable resting in the dump? It is better to buy new furniture or at least to breathe a second life into the old, having repaired it and changing the upholstery or at least sewing covers on chairs, armchairs and sofas.

The interior of the cottages decorate wicker furniture from vines or artificially aged wooden furniture. It is best if the furniture is simple enough, even a little rough, but at the same convenient and cozy. Furniture is welcome, long out of fashion in urban apartments, but still relevant in country houses: large chests and chests for storing things, kitchen slides, etc. But from glass, plastic and lacquered furniture it is better to refuse - it is unlikely that it will fit into the interior of the country house.

What's the interior of the cottage without a fireplace? Fireplace is not only decorative but also functional load — if suddenly colder, he will be the only way to keep warm, if you are in the country there is Autonomous heating. The type of fireplace (wood burning, electric, gas) depends on your desires and possibilities, the main thing — that it blends into the interior of the country. Instead of fireplace you can install a Finnish stove .

And to make the interior garden is completed, to give him warmth, comfort and comfort can help a variety of cute accessories and decorative dishes, small paintings or embroideries on the wall, vases with wildflowers, pillows, blankets, tablecloths, plants in pots. But if you come to the cottage only for a weekend overload country interior decorative details, not worth it. otherwise, instead of resting you will be cleaning the dust that has accumulated on them over the past week.

The interior of cottages should have a rest. Do not have to strictly follow the canons of a country-style — as long as you feel comfortable, convenient and cozy in your cottage. Only in this case you can have a good holiday and gain strength for a year ahead.