Many of us have favorite countries, but not all have the opportunity to live in the land of their dreams. At the same time, everyone is able to "invite" overseas countries to his house, decorating the interior in the appropriate style. For example, lovers of the Land of the Rising Sun will approach the interior in Japanese style. And if you dream about France, pay attention toprovence style in the interior.

Provence is a province in the south of France, an original and surprisingly beautiful land. Mediterranean Sea, fields of lavender and heather, a unique harmony of man and nature.Style Provence in the interior absorbed all the best. that only exists in this southern French province.

The style of Provence in the interior was formed under the influence of the climate and the living conditions of people in this province. Provence is the edge of the scorching southern sun and salty sea spray, soin the decoration of the room, mostly pastel colors are used, as if burnt in the hot sun.

When it's hot in the street, I want the house to be pleasantly cool. In those days, when there was a style of Provence in the interior, there was no talk about air conditioners, the house was "cooled" by improvised methods. thereforefor the style of Provence characterized by a stone or tiled floor, whitewashed walls, a moderate amount of decor .

One of the most striking differences of the Provence style from other directions of the country style isan abundance of floral patterns. They decorate textiles (curtains, furniture covers) and typical for this style whitewashed, artificially aged wooden furniture. And in the style of Provence, and in other "offshoots" of country style are widely usedforged products. but the forged accessories in the French village house will be more elegant than the forged items in the house of the inhabitant of the Texas ranch.

Provencal cuisine

If you do not want to use the style of Provence in the design of the whole apartment, you can decorate in this style a separate room - for example,kitchen. Provence style in the interior of the kitchen creates a sense of home comfort. The kitchen ceases to be just a place of cooking and becomes the heart of your home.

The use of the Provence style in the interior of the kitchen is characterized by such features :

  • pastel shades (beige, sandy, gray), diluted with bright color accents (yellow, lilac, blue, green);
  • deliberately rough textures (uneven plaster, textured wallpaper);
  • unusual decoration materials (glazed brick, multicolored mosaic, painted ceramic tiles);
  • floor, imitating natural stone;
  • kitchen furniture with artificially aged wooden facades;
  • a massive marble or wooden countertop;
  • a massive wooden dining table and wicker chairs;
  • cracked and frayed surfaces;
  • forged accessories, pottery;
  • curtains with a floral pattern;
  • pleasant little things - woven baskets, jars of spices, bunches of herbs under the ceiling.

Bedroom in Provence style

Using the Provence style in the interiorbedrooms   helps to create a small paradise in your apartment. This is an ideal option for romantic girls and honeymooners. Exquisite French interior pacifies and helps to forget about everyday problems of working days. And what a pleasant dream is in that bedroom!

What is typical for a Provence-style bedroom?

  • pastel color palette (light blue, light yellow, milky) without bright color accents;
  • light floor of natural wood;
  • a large bed - wooden with carved legs or metal with a patterned back;
  • light canopy over the bed;
  • embroidered bedclothes of calm light shades;
  • bedside tables and an elegant dressing table made of aged wood;
  • large windows with simple light curtains, letting in a lot of air and light;
  • use of embroidery and floral arrangements in the decoration of the room;
  • natural materials (wood, ceramics, natural fabrics);
  • use of techniques of artificial aging furniture and accessories (craquelure, decoupage);
  • nice knickknacks - cushions, pots with flowers, wicker baskets, decor on the walls.

Provence style in the interior createsinimitable serene atmosphere of the French province. It seems, even slightly - and the sound of the sea will be heard outside the window, and a salty sea wind will fly into the room.