Modern and trendy interior — simple, functional, but very stylish. In fashion minimalism. a minimum of furniture and decor, the palm is given to materials and textures. Typical examples of minimalism in interior design is loft — style and the high-tech style in the interior.

The high-tech style in the interior is relatively young — it appeared and gained popularity in the late 20th century. Hi-Tech   - derived from high technology, high technology. In fact, this is a creative comprehension of high technologies. Fans of this style put at the heart of the functionality of the room. Sacrificing functionality for the sake of design is more an exception to the hi-tech style than the rule.

The high-tech style in the interior is austere, impetuous straight lines and shapes. The main materials used are glass, metal and plastic. As an additional material you can use natural wood, but moderately: the style of high-tech in the interior - this is not a design for a village house. Preferred colors - white, black, silver (with a metallic tint), but bright color accents are quite acceptable.

Because the high-tech style in the interior does not welcome the abundance of decorative elements the lack of decor kompensiruet "game materials". In a room decorated in high-tech style, there are always a lot of glass and chrome surfaces, and the play of light on these surfaces makes the interior not boring. As elements of decor, you can use objects and structures that are peculiar not to residential, but to industrial buildings - for example, the bent pipes of their stainless steel.

In the style of hi-tech dominated by open space areas. The room should appear spacious and well-lit, it uses a decentralized lighting: instead of one Central chandelier is used by a lot of spotlights, which create the effect with light filled spaces. The correct arrangement of light sources is very important when creating an interior in the style of high-tech. For zoning the room and changing the layout, mobile partitions of their unbreakable glass are widely used.

The preferred colors for the walls — white, sand, beige, grey. From the Wallpaper it is better to refuse, preferring painting. The walls must be smooth, plain, light. To decorate the walls is not necessary, but if the sight of bare walls makes you feel bad, you can hang up on them black-and-white photographs or abstract paintings in a thin and light frames made of metal. On the floor you can lay carpet — plain or simulate the animal skin.

The furniture in the style of hi-tech functional. drawers, double-sided shelves, rotating chairs on wheels like offices. Existing furniture should be used to the maximum: for example, why buy a separate wardrobe for bed linen, if you can buy a bed with drawers and put the laundry in them? And for fans to experiment with a good choice is a sofa-transformer. It consists of separate modules that allow you to change its shape according to your desire.

By the way, do not think that "high tech" style is used only rigid metal and plastic furniture. The high-tech style in the interior it allows (and even welcomes) the use of upholstered furniture. That's just the furniture, this should be simple, geometric shapes. Colorful padding is not welcome, but plain. Very well fit into the interior of leather furniture. Furniture may well be bright, then it will perform the function of a bright color spot in a monochrome interior. But there can be only one such spot!

As in other contemporary and minimalist styles in the high-tech style for decorating the Windows used mainly blinds — horizontal or vertical. If the blinds you don't like, you can use a plain, dull curtains are not too thick and not too thin. But lace curtains, colorful curtains and heavy curtains, the high-tech style in the interior will not accept.

Despite the fact that the abundance of accessories in the style of hi-tech is not welcome, the interior design in this style can be revived with the help of one or two carefully chosen decorative elements. In their role there may be more design art objects   (only not too pretentious). Also in the interior in the style of hi-tech, a large aquarium with bright exotic fish will fit in well. Interior decoration can also be an original ultramodern home appliances.

A room decorated in the style of hi-tech, more like the interior of a spaceship from a science fiction movie. Many styles of interior design drawn in the past, and the high-tech style in the interior looking to the future. It is ultra modern and is suitable for those who always want to be ahead of the rest .