Unfortunately, in our city apartments, the balcony or loggia often become the repository of all kinds of rubbish and old things that throw a pity, and nowhere to apply. But those same balconies or loggias can be a wonderful place for relaxation — it is necessary to choose correctly their design. What can be the design of loggias and balconies?

First of all, none of the design of loggias and balconies does not provide for "beautiful" pile of junk. But because it follows from all the junk ruthlessly get rid of  (well, except that the most cute little things left for decoration) - after cleaning all unnecessary you can notice how suddenly spacious your balcony or loggia became! Now you can think about design.

In the design of loggias and balconies, you can start with a choice of glazing it is also part of the design. If you have an older balcony frames and you wanted to change them — it's time! For "warm" the balcony, you can choose a traditional plastic design of frames. And if you want something unusual, then give preference to frameless glazing  (called also panoramic glazing) - in this case the glazing will look visually holistic and very elegant.

However, you can generally opt out of glazing if the fence of your balcony or loggia looks very beautiful, and glazing this wonderful view will simply spoil. And that during the winter gatherings on the balcony not to freeze, you can install a compact heater.

On the balcony or loggia is convenient to arrange the area. Can put a couple of wicker chairs. to build with their own hands a comfortable bench with soft cushions or to put several tall stools (like bar stools) - it all depends on how much there is on the balcony or loggia of free space.

And that it was possible on the balcony or balconies at your leisure for a chat or just enjoy the fresh air, you can put a small tea or coffee table. If not enough space, the table can be done mounted  and attach it to the windowsill or to the balcony fence.

In this way,design of loggias and balconies can be almost anything. The main rule — this design should be combined with the interior room, which has exit to the balcony. For example, you can choose to design balconies or loggias in the style of "country". a cozy shaggy plaid, carelessly thrown over a wicker rocking chair, a few nice pots with indoor plants, a warm floor underfoot, giving off an almost elusive, tart smell of fresh wood. It's nice to spend a few delicious minutes on a balcony with a cup of fragrant tea!