Despite the fact that linoleum has ceased to be almost the only available flooring, it does not lose its popularity. Linoleum is economical, practical and durable enough. The land of the Soviets tell how to choose linoleum for your apartment or house.

First you need to decide material. made of linoleum. You can choose linoleum from natural materials, linoleum, PVC, alkyd, rubber or linoleum. The basis for natural linoleum  serves as a jute fiber, on which various natural materials are applied. It has many advantages and one serious drawback - a high price.

The most common option — PVC linoleum. It is sufficiently durable, environmentally safe, easy to install and inexpensive. But PVC-linoleum is sensitive to changes in temperature and chemicals. At the same time, it remains the optimal option for the "price-quality" ratio.

Alkyd (glyptal ) linoleum made from polymers. It has good heat and sound insulation, but does not tolerate low temperatures and more brittle. Material for rubber linoleum (relina  ) are synthetic rubbers and bitumen. It is very elastic and water resistant, so it is used in shower rooms, gyms, etc. and in living quarters - extremely rare. Therefore, perhaps, for the house is best to choose a linoleum made of PVC.

In addition to the material linoleum also vary by applications. There four main types of linoleum. household, commercial, semi-commercial and special. For residential premises it is best to choose a linoleum of household type: all other types are intended for public premises.

But even household linoleum differ in the thickness of the coating. The thickness of household linoleum from PVC can vary from 1 to 4 mm. The choice of linoleum of the desired thickness depends on which room you plan to lay it on. For the kitchen, the hallway, the corridor, the nursery you need a thicker linoleum, in the bedroom and living room you can do fine.

If the floor in the room has pronounced defects, you need to choose linoleum thicker (at least 2.5 mm) to disguise. It is best to buy linoleum with special protective top layer. then the pores on the face layer of PVC will not become clogged with dirt. This linoleum is easier to clean, and it keeps its appearance.

According to the structure PVC linoleum is homogeneous and heterogeneous. Homogeneous linoleum  It is uniform, its entire thickness is permeated with a pattern, due to this, it wears less. This linoleum is good for rooms with high traffic, but the choice of colors is limited.

Heterogeneous linoleum  consists of 2-6 layers. The basis of this linoleum is fiberglass, the substrate is made of non-woven fiber, natural fabric or foam PVC, and 1-6 layers of PVC are also included in the structure of linoleum. It's better to choose a linoleum with more layers - it's better.

Good linoleum heavy and dense  - the concentration of PVC in it is larger, so it does not puncture or tear. It should not have a strong smell (of course, synthetic linoleum will smell, but too strong a smell should alert) and greasy luster. On the quality linoleum should be the manufacturer's logo.

Whatever the linoleum you choose, you should try to buy rolls from the same batch. Even if the rolls from different lots have the same article, they can slightly differ in color. The figure on the linoleum should be distinct, the optimal step of the drawing is 1-1.5 m.

The greater selected you linoleum — it's even better because it is preferable to lay his piece, avoiding joints. Buying vinyl is with a stock length. better to remain a little extra than not enough. Before you buy be sure to roll out the linoleum to make sure that there are no hillocks or cracks, loose parts of the film.

If you decide to choose linoleum, do not go to the construction market, and the Pro shop. First, the store has heating. PVC linoleum is not resistant to low temperature, it can become brittle and begin to break down. In the store it will not happen. Secondly, the store you are required to provide quality certificate for the products.

Hopefully, these tips will help you choose linoleum of the best quality  for your house or apartment!