In the domestic market there are several types of baths, which differ from each other not only design, but also the material from which they are made. Not knowing how to choose a bathtub. you can chase the cheapness and soon to be disappointed in your purchase. Country Councils will tell you what are the tub to buy.

How to choose a bathtub, if the store simply dazzled by the number of different shapes and sizes? First you need to determine the size of the bath. Standard sizes are: length - 150, 170, 180 cm, width - 70, 80, 85 cm respectively. The shape of modern bathtubs allows them to be placed without any problems near the shower.

Which bath to choose from many forms? There are not only rectangular, but round tubs, oval, triangular or square shapes. Be guided only by the area of ​​your bathroom. If you are limited in size, choose a rectangular or triangular shape.

Modern bathtubs can be equipped with ladders, handles and armrests. There are also baths for two. Bath color can be chosen any. Painting to order will give you the opportunity to choose any shade that you like. In addition, you can pick up a bath with an anti-slip coating on the bottom.

Modern baths are made of steel, cast iron and acrylic. Which one to choose a bath in this case? After all, each material has its pros and cons. It is worthwhile to dwell on each type of material.

How to choose a bathtub from cast iron

Cast iron - the most common kind of material for the bathroom. Baths made of cast iron are durable, stable and durable. And most importantly, they keep the heat very well. The time of cooling water in a cast-iron bath to room temperature occurs in an hour and a half. But cast iron has a number of drawbacks.

Cast iron is very heavy. Even modern technology can't make bathtubs out of cast iron light. On average, these tubs weigh at least 120 kg. of Course, it will be very difficult to bring upper floors of the building. Cast iron tubs are only rectangular in shape. Enamel coating requires careful care. If you accidentally drop a heavy bath subject matter, to restore the enamel coating will be difficult. Choosing a cast iron bath at the store, pay attention to the enamel. It should be no chips, cracks or stains. The color of the enamel must be uniform.

Enamel coating cast iron baths are very porous. With time, mud and rust will accumulate in these pores. To avoid further changes in the color of the enamel, you can choose the French or Spanish baths of famous companies. They guarantee high quality of cast iron and enamel.

How to choose a bathtub of steel

Steel — lightweight and pliable material. Therefore, the shapes and sizes of such bathtubs are different. Steel baths are very durable, and their enamel surface can not be distinguished from cast iron. When choosing a steel bath, you should pay attention to the thickness of the walls. It is important that they do not sag under your weight. Otherwise, the deformation of the shape of the bath will adversely affect the state of the enamel.

The main downside of steel baths is they do not hold heat. The water in them cools down very quickly. Also, such baths are very noisy - the water in them is poured with a very loud characteristic steel ringing.

How to choose a bathtub made of acrylic

Acrylic is a modern material, which is similar to plastic. This is a very flexible and flexible material, so acrylic baths are necessarily equipped with reinforcement. The more layers of reinforcement - the stronger the bath. Naturally, the same factor affects its price. Therefore, choosing an acrylic bath, it is not worth chasing a cheap price.

Acrylic bathtubs hold the heat very well, what is not inferior to cast iron. To care for enamel acrylic bath is very easy. If you accidentally cracked, it is easy to cover up with acrylic and sanded. No trace of the repair work will not remain.

If You have a dog, then it is impossible to bathe in acrylic bath. The claws of the animal will damage the soft surface, so you will soon have to change the bath.

As you can see, each material has its own merits. The choice of a bath should be approached seriously. We hope that now you have decided for yourself which bath is better, and is best for you.