Room flowers in the house create an inexpressible cosiness. In addition, they purify the air and absorb carbon dioxide. But how to arrange the plants in the apartment so that they harmoniously fit into the overall interior? The country of the Soviets will tell you how to placeflowers in the interior of the apartment.

Interior decoration with colors can make a final touch to the design of the room. Therefore, there are several tips on how to properly place flowers. Based on the requirements of room colors for lighting and interior design, you can create beautiful compositions that will please the eye.

Flowers in the interior of the apartment should be properly placed. Pay attention to the lighting in the room. Without enough light, the flowers simply perish. And especially a lot of light is required for flowering plants and flowers with variegated leaves. Therefore, place your flowers closer to the windows or create additional artificial lighting.

It is worth paying attention to which side of the world the windows of your apartment are facing. All plants are very fond of the eastern direction. The northern direction is perfect for coniferous, cyclamen, ficus, monsters. the Dracaens. diffenbachia. Asparagus, date palm, begonia rex, sansevieria, phylocactus will perfectly grow on the window with the western direction. Flowers, placed on the windowsills with a southern direction, are burned. In this case, it is better to hang curtains that will soften the sun. And plants like aloe, fuchsia, prickly pear, camellia and echinocactus will feel very good on this window sill.

Flowers in the interior of the living room

In addition to window sills, indoor flowers can be placed in various places of the room. Well think about where to put this or that flower. Imagine if he will not be there too much. If the flower hinders you, it should be placed elsewhere. Remember that flowers do not like when they are constantly moving, so first determine the place, and then put your plant there.

By the way, indoor flowers in the interior should not look like an alien element. It is not necessary to place a garden in the apartment, if the interior is made in the style of minimalism. Also it is necessary to observe the harmony of the sizes. It is not necessary to place large plants in a small room and vice versa. In the living room with low ceilings, you can place tall plants, such as monsters or various palms. They visually "lift" the ceiling. Ampelnye plants, hung in pots on the walls, will bring comfort to the room with high ceilings.

Interior of the living room can be varied with a small composition with plants. When composing a composition, it is necessary to combine the plants according to the species, height and color of their leaves. Thus, cacti and succulents are very well combined with plants with large juicy leaves, for example, diffenbachia. By the way, the unsightly trunk of a tall plant can be well hidden with small flowers.

Flowers in the interior of the kitchen

Women love to place flowers in the kitchen. As a rule, they are put on the windowsill, where they will not disturb anyone. In addition to indoor flowers, the kitchen often grows spicy herbs and miniature vegetables, such as tomatoes and bitter pepper.

In the kitchen, you should not place very expensive and whimsical plants. This is due to the fact that household appliances heat the room very much, and drafts caused by opening the door do not have a very good influence on the development of the plant. Therefore, choose unpretentious flowers, such as begonia, garden bulbous, zebrina. Let you choose the most common plants, but the pots for them can be very original. Use old clay jugs or kettles.

Try to ensure that the plants in the kitchen do not interfere and do not block the working surface. Do for the flowers special shelves, which will best solve the problem of placing flowers in the kitchen.

As you can see, indoor flowers in the interior of the apartment look familiar and very harmonious, especially if you think about planting in advance.