{!LANG-6f903331f03823608366b792614f1455!}. So there are a few tips on how to place the flowers. Starting from the requirements of flowers to the lighting and interior design, you can create beautiful compositions that are pleasing to the eye.

{!LANG-d40015f679a1bf06fcb8efda5588a9fa!}. Pay attention to the lighting in the room. Without enough light the flowers will die. And especially a lot of light is required in flowering plants and flowers with variegated leaves. So post your flowers closer to the Windows or create additional artificial lighting.

{!LANG-24846886c23ed91bf00aa7947b8b6993!}. All plants love the Eastern direction. The North direction is ideal for conifers, cyclamen, ficus, monstera. dracaena. dieffenbachia. Asparagus, date palm, begonia Rex, sansevieriya, Ferocactus will grow on the window with the Western direction. Flowers placed on window sills with South direction, burn. In this case it is better to hang curtains that soften the sun. And plants such as aloe, rose, prickly pear, Camellia and Echinocactus will be very good to feel on this windowsill.


{!LANG-ffc1fcaa84f8961236ac3fb724cb0032!}. Well think about where to put this or that flower. Imagine if he would there be superfluous. If the flower's stopping You, it should be put in another place. Remember that flowers do not like to be constantly moving, so first decide the place and then place Your plant there.


{!LANG-0b724aee6a8b5169b98f2140edcbae16!}. Creating a composition, it is necessary to combine plants in appearance, height and color of their leaves. So, cacti and succulents are very well combined with plants with large succulent leaves, for example, dieffenbach. By the way, ugly high trunk plants can be well hidden small flowers.


{!LANG-7c3ddaa31ae541e624c22f37be1f74a2!}. As a rule, they put on the window sill where they will not interfere. In addition to flowers, often in the kitchen to grow herbs and miniature vegetables such as tomatoes and hot peppers.


{!LANG-ae85795dd63d70afbfc77d59953a04f3!}. Make special shelves for the colors that best solve the problem of placing flowers in the kitchen.

As you can see, flowers in the interior of the apartment look familiar and very harmonious, especially if well thought out placement of plants in advance.