Art Nouveau — a new trend in the design space. His slogan "back to nature" have much to their liking. A large number of natural lines and curves make the interior in the style of art Nouveau unique sophisticated.

The style of art Nouveau came to us from France and Belgium, but in fact its origins — Japanese. It was Japanese art that impressed the French artist and master of ceramics F. Brackman, thanks to which this style appeared. He liked the curved lines of floral motifs on Japanese prints so much that he decided to bring back several examples to his homeland. Thus, French artists have the opportunity to modify and develop this style. Later, art nouveau was used in the architecture and design of the premises.

Art Nouveau in interior design is characterized by its trend back to nature. All elements must be natural, natural, unlike the creation of man. Therefore, the rejection of any straight lines and angles can be called a business card of the art-nouveau style.

The symbol of the art Nouveau is a line of floral motifs. Therefore, a stylized Lily, cyclamen, irises, and algae are often seen in the design of the room design. Such curved lines are very strongly reminiscent of undulating arabesques, and the room itself is like "breathing" life force and energy of plants. By the way, the above plants it is desirable to include in the design of the interior space. This style also tends to use animal themes in design. Peacocks and swallows, dragonflies and butterflies will be an excellent addition.

If art Nouveau smooths and rounds the angles of the room itself, the same tendency is observed when choosing furniture. It should have streamlined and semi-circular shapes. It is unacceptable to use furniture with coarse sharp edges. The material from which furniture is made, should also be chosen most clearly reflecting the desire for nature. Therefore, try to see on the wooden furniture a natural wood pattern.

The curved line, the so-called "whip", can be used to smooth the straight lines of Windows. For this purpose, not regular straight curtains, and make them wavy, cutting off one of the edges at the corner. They should be long, to the floor, fully spectacular entire area of the wall where a window is located. Curtains complement the rich drape.

Colors in this style are related to the theme of water. It is the shades of water that should perfectly blend with gold and silver in the interior of the room and create the effect of its shine in the sun. Gold is very well combined with the color range of marsh color. This includes dark brown (very close to black), dark and light green. Do not forget that these tones should be warm enough. Supplement the marsh shades and gold color of the peacock's tail - an electrician.

If additions of gold was given the analogy of water twinkling in the sun, for silver use natural fog color. Therefore silver is perfectly supplemented with pinkish and grayish shades, black, blue and silvery-purple flowers.

To decorate an art nouveau room, you should first of all follow this rule: each element has a decorative task. Therefore, do not use objects with straight lines. Prefer a circle — the symbol of the sun. This symbol shall occupy not the last place in the design of the room design.

For the wall design, you can use the Wallpaper with a different texture. Different images of flowers will be very appropriate and will give the room comfort and coziness. Use room lighting also should be wisely. It should not be bright, preference is given to a slightly muted light. For this purpose, you can use a large number of table and wall matt fixtures.

The style of art Nouveau in the interior is the most beautiful and popular style. It is preferred by unmarried girls and married couples. After all, a certain femininity of style in the room and the presence of smooth lines emphasize the aesthetic taste and softness of the character of its owners.