Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of bringing harmony into the home. Following the principles of Feng Shui, you can attract in Your housing wealth, love, success and other desired aspects of life. Country Councils will tell you what mascots Feng Shui you can use for furnishing Your home and where they should be placed.

The art of the proper distribution of the space according to Feng Shui involves not only the arrangement of the individual parts of the interior of the room according to certain rules. In feng shui very often use different talismans that help to direct energy flows inside your house in one direction or another. Therefore, additional symbols and feng shui talismans can not bring complete harmony into your life, their task is to attract it. Also, do not forget that they must be properly placed, so that the interior of your house as much as possible meets the requirements of feng shui.

The most famous talismans of Feng Shui as. toad, dragon, elephant, turtle, horse, phoenix, fountain, coins. In fact, there are a lot of feng shui talismans. Each of them has its own properties, so consider only the most common and well-known symbols, and where they should be placed.

Threelegged toad with a coin  Is an invariable symbol of luck and money abundance. According to the Feng Shui, the toad should be positioned as if it jumps into the house. Therefore, it is best to place it at the entrance door. In addition, this talisman can be placed in every room in the south-eastern zone. By this you activate the flow of energy into the wealth zone. It is believed that the toad is afraid of heights, so do not put it on a high shelf.

Another popular mascot of Feng Shui — a Cup of wealth. This bowl resembles a vase, but it should be round and squat, resembling a pumpkin. Bowl of wealth must be made of gold, copper or silver. Also allowed to use bowls of ceramic or crystal. But in any case can not be used for bowls of glass or plastic. To fill the Cup should be a variety of items that symbolize money and wealth. To strengthen its material prosperity put the bowl in the Southeast area of the room.

The Chinese believe that the elephant is a symbol of stability and sustainability. With the help of his trunk, he draws luck into the house. Therefore, when decorating a house according to feng shui, the elephant should stand on the windowsill. So he will draw luck into your house through the window. To activate this talisman, it will be enough to decorate it with beads from gems or a chain. Do not be very zealous, because even the elephant is considered to be a strong enough symbol.

In Feng Shui dragon is one of the most powerful and popular talismans to attract good luck and protection from evils. It symbolizes power, wisdom and kindness. Traditionally, the dragon is located in the eastern part of the dwelling. Be sure to take the opportunity to put it at the window so that it looks at any pond. If you live in the city, let your dragon look at the road. It is believed that this arrangement helps the dragon to attract luck and wealth.

The traditional symbol for the career area in Feng Shui — turtle. She represents wisdom and longevity. The turtle is compared to the image of the Universe: its shell is the firmament, and the belly — land. To place turtle should be in the office or office so that it is behind You. If You have a separate office in Your home, place a statue of a turtle in the Northern part of the room. Significant results can be achieved if you put the turtle in a container of water.

But not only are these Feng Shui symbols can be used for the decoration of the room. Feng Shui talismans can also be chosen so that they always remain with the person. Most often for this use three coins, tied with a red ribbon. They are put in a purse and always carry with them. It is believed that in this way a person attracts wealth.

Choosing the mascots of Feng Shui, You want to put in your house, notice your feelings. If you do not like this or that figure, do not buy it. Also listen to the opinion of your loved ones. If someone from your family is afraid or feels uncomfortable with having a talisman, stop using it. Neglecting this rule can cause trouble for you.