The installation of skirting boards is the final stage of finishing the room. The aesthetic functions of the skirting board can not be overestimated, because it aligns the bottom line of wallpaper, makes a beautiful transition between the floor covering and the walls.How to install skirting. so that the end result will please you?

Installing the skirting board is a man's job. But before that you have to choose it.Construction shops offer a large selection of skirting boards made of wood, PVC and plastic. Of course, wooden ones are the most expensive. The cheapest is a plastic skirting board. The installation of one or another type will not be very different from each other, so the general rules of pre-preparation and markup should be observed in any case.

Before installing the skirting board, you should choose how to attach it to the wall. You can use liquid nails as the simplest option. But in this case your walls should be perfectly even, otherwise from such nails will not be good. The most common solution to this problem is the concealed fastening of the plinths of the plinth. Its advantages are that such fastening is not visible under the baseboard, it is very fast and easy to install. In addition, the next repair skirting very easily and quickly can be removed from the mount and installed back.

Using an ordinary bar, which is used as a stencil, outline the places where the skirting mounts will be located. They are recommended to be installed at a distance of not more than 50 cm from each other. If you have irregularities on the walls, then this distance can be reduced to 30 cm. Also, do not forget about additional clips in places of irregularities. So, at a skirting board height of 40 mm, self-tapping screws on which the fastening will hold, it is necessary to screw in 20 mm above the floor. Using a drill with a drill diameter of 6 mm, drill holes in the wall for dowels. As a rule, 5 mm dowels for self-tapping dimensions 3,5х35 mm are used to install skirting boards. Screw in the holes of the dowel. Using screws, screw the baseplate mounts to the wall.

The first attachment must be 10 cm from the casing. In the corners of fastening are also located at a distance of 10 cm from the corner on both sides. This rule applies to both internal and external corners.

Before installing the skirting on the fasteners, it must be properly cut and adjusted. Skirting boards are adjusted in all internal and external corners, for which they are cut at an angle of 45 °. Two connected rails must form an ideal right angle. To make your skirting look neat, use patterns when you are cutting off the bevels.

Now you can install the baseboard in the attachment. Using a small piece of wood as spacers, fasten the baseboard on the mounts with a hammer. If for any reason you need to remove the plinth, it is dismantled with a simple spatula. Simply insert a spatula between the wall and the skirting board and use it as a lever.

Wooden plinth fixed to the wall using the same screws with dowels or corrugated nails. Do not forget to adjust the angles of the bevels and check the density of its adhesion to the wall and floor, before installing the plinth. After that, the plinth is fixed directly to the wall with the help of self-tapping screws. Hide the cap can be using a putty, beforehand as deeply as possible by screwing it into the plinth.

Some types of boards, such as carpeting, can be planted directly into mounting adhesive. Also this method can be used if You choose a thin plinth in the form of Reiki.

Plastic moldings can also be put on retention. It is much easier to work with it than with a wooden one, because it does not require the adjustment of corners. You can buy plugs for corners and joints and mount them on the plinth. This is an excellent solution that will allow to give the outer and inner corners a complete decorative look.

Now you know how to install the plinth and fix it on the wall. This is not difficult at all. Therefore, you can safely take up its installation by yourself.