A good repair can not be cheap. But it should not be overly expensive. Very often the money fly away "to nowhere", because people just grab a repair instead of carefully plan the budget. Advance compiled estimates for the repair of an apartment can save you money and avoid unnecessary spending.

Budget is a financial document, plan for future expenses (and income, if they are scheduled). Accordingly, estimates for the repair of the apartment is plan your expenses for repair. Making an estimate, you will clearly see how much you will be repaired. And if you understand that you do not fit into the budget, you can decide in advance what can be saved, rather than stop repairing in the middle due to lack of funds or borrow money from acquaintances.

Usually if you seek repair services to professionals, they are estimates. But in any case you should know that includes estimates for the repair of the apartment, not to be trapped and not allow unscrupulous repairmen you weld. Most often an estimate, for convenience, be broken into two parts: estimates for repair and finishing works and estimates for consumables and finishing materials .

The cost of work depends on several factors. First, the type of repair affects - cosmetic, capital, renovation or reconstruction. It determines the amount of repair and finishing works. Secondly, the type of your house is taken into account: the prices for repairs in old and new houses, built from different materials and by different technologies, may differ. Thirdly, the area of ​​the room affects. And, of course, do not forget that each company has its own prices, under equal conditions, the price for services from different firms may differ.

Usuallyestimates for repair and finishing work is divided into separate units depending on type of work and premises. First go general (installation of window sills, ventilation, boxes, slopes, etc.), electrical and plumbing work - they are performed in the first place. Then comes the list, description and cost of works for individual rooms (bathroom and toilet, dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, corridor, etc.). At the very end, additional work may be indicated, for which an additional fee is charged, say, handling and removal of construction debris.

If you plan to make repairs yourself or engage professionals only for some works (for example, wiring, window installation, etc.), still make a complete list of works. even if the repair is cosmetic: because you somehow have to plan all renovation work. And the costs can be measured not by the cost, the time it will take you to repair. You would have to take time off work or even leave because the repairs do after work and on weekends, risking to drag on for years.

Once you have that in any job you need, you need to make estimates for consumables and finishing materials. You need to consider everything from wiring and switches to mixers and hooks for towels, from primer and putty to wallpaper and laminate. The spread of prices for consumables is usually small, their cost depends on the quality and the country of origin. But the prices for finishing materials can differ significantly, so it is very important to find the best balance between price and quality. We recommend that you conduct a small "marketing study" and compare prices in several construction stores to choose the best option.

The cost of materials depends not only on prices but also on quantities. To determine the amount of the desired materials. It is necessary to measure the floor and wall area in the premises being repaired, as well as their perimeter. And to determine the rate of consumption of a building material will help the instruction on the package.

But keep in mind that, say, uneven walls or Wallpaper with patterns that need to be brought together, can increase the material consumption. This should be considered when budgeting. There are two options: either originally to buy the stock (especially if you are afraid that the Wallpaper you have to buy can not), or to provide the estimate count additional costs. In principle, this field must be present in any event because of force majeure, no one is immune, but what amount to enter, you decide.

If you do repair specialists ask them simply to report on all expenditures. especially additional ones - checks, invoices, etc. Unscrupulous employees can cash in on building materials, buying instead of the claimed cheaper ones, and putting the difference in your pocket, so be sure to control the procurement process.

Estimates for the repair of the apartment — a very important and useful document. It allows you to estimate the amount of work, plan the budget and save time, nerves and money, regardless of whether you are doing repairs yourself or hire special people for this.