The mirror is not only an important object of everyday life. No woman in the world can not imagine their existence without a mirror. Yes, and sometimes men also love to pose in front of a mirror before going out. Mirrors in modern interiors play a very important role. But what if a simple mirror getting a little boring? They can be decorated with various patterns. You wonder how the original look sandblasting figures on the mirror.

Sandblasting figures on the mirror represent nothing but different decorative patterns{!LANG-ce710c1cf460d52739defb802fac08c0!}

Choosing the mirrors you want to hang in the apartment, or just a Cabinet with glass inserts, You can buy products made on them figures{!LANG-089b9ec63d6a24479c39aa79b745c97b!}

Explain how does the process of matting mirrors{!LANG-2d3d6974ae306905ebc1b3d97cd82b9e!}

Of course, art matting mirrors{!LANG-e1a54ce44564450fb58e02c898894bf1!}

Yes, the image on the mirror can be quickly and efficiently make at home{!LANG-704b400484e0c61e9d276afbf038bf9f!}

For starters, the mirror surface should clear from fat{!LANG-ff32b1b454c8e5a4856eaea6b5c8d578!}

Disposable spoon, apply the paste for matting{!LANG-835164aac185ec15e41b601f96ee988d!}

Mirror should wash off the paste. This is easiest to do in the bathroom, just putting the mirror under a stream of water. Remove the stencil to make sure that the paste for grinding glass never remained at the mirror. If you decide to etch the pattern on the mirror Cabinet, then you have some work to do. It is not always possible to remove the mirror from the door. The faster you wash off the paste from the surface of the mirror, the better. While on the surface, the pasta will continue their action.

Your figure on the mirror is ready{!LANG-f30a69798980bfb96c8973daf8f0cc1f!}

Of course, this method may not be suitable for everyone. After all, many women tend decorate mirror colorful bright patterns{!LANG-fdcc5d3cf4a9848e5fcd06d937f01796!}