Brown reminds us of the earth and nature. This color is one of the most natural. It is the color of tree trunks, soil, color of many animals. Warm yet soft shades of brown also are fraught with incredible power and energy. It is quite a dark color should also properly use. The land of the Soviets tell you how you can use brown in the interior.

Psychologists say that brown has a great natural power{!LANG-cdd553ccb6f04cb018345344320afcaf!}

Brown color in the interior to combine with various other shades{!LANG-cfa87dcfcfb9f028576fa591ad3ba12b!}

To not make the room too dull, not to do the entire interior in brown tones{!LANG-56be35f710e7eb9f4f80bb63d3e615ee!}

If you want to use furniture in brown tones and dark curtains{!LANG-708426ec7c3a678af1c12f99e0de0a1b!}

Design in shades of brown can be perfectly diversified wood color{!LANG-b46c6d6ae394a70eb5b9038766e6bd2c!}

Brown in the interior perfectly suitable for decoration of any room{!LANG-25a51f06a017aae5f681f4d1242e96a6!}

To design a living room{!LANG-f4af5d3c1c35558132679e3cea937383!}

For the kitchen best suited to cream and beige{!LANG-e2c6658153d3b2f7615c3145bfc43226!}

Also will look great brown in the interior of the working Cabinet{!LANG-33bcd8368f21d5677581222bef158db1!}

Warm light shades of brown can be used for nursery design{!LANG-4b2bc6914568090f4aba9debce1cb068!}