Brown reminds us of the earth and nature. This color is one of the most natural. It is the color of tree trunks, soil, color of many animals. Warm yet soft shades of brown also are fraught with incredible power and energy. It is quite a dark color should also properly use. The land of the Soviets tell you how you can use brown in the interior.

Psychologists say that brown has a great natural power. But at the same time it can not be called as aggressive as red. Although brown and dark enough, it can not be considered as formal as black. Therefore, brown in the interior of the room makes it possible to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

Brown color in the interior to combine with various other shades. To begin with, you can experiment with different shades of this color. After all, in fact, the beige and the color of the mahogany can also be considered a shade of brown. So try to diversify your room with a combination of light and dark colors. But brown can also be combined with other bright colors.

To not make the room too dull, not to do the entire interior in brown tones. After all, in such a dark room it will be quite uncomfortable to be. In addition, dark furniture and walls will be very hard to crush its cumbersome. Therefore, always try to combine light and dark colors, or use various bright accessories.

If you want to use furniture in brown tones and dark curtains. The walls in your room should be painted in a light. Thus, you minimize the pressure of this color on the psyche and possible clutter of the room.

Design in shades of brown can be perfectly diversified wood color. You can use all the tones, starting from the light color of the pine, and ending with the dark shades of the tree. Also do not forget about the shades of straw, which also will perfectly match with the brown color.

Brown in the interior perfectly suitable for decoration of any room. But it's worth using this color carefully in the bedroom. That you could get up in the mornings rested and slept, it is better to choose a cream shade. This color is much softer on a person. And in any case, you can always complement the cream room design with accessories made in brown tones.

To design a living room   perfect for any woody shades, including a dark brown finish under the bark. In such a living room you and your guests will be very comfortable to be. To create an atmosphere of coziness, we advise you to use dark floors, furniture and panels.

For the kitchen best suited to cream and beige   shades. It is better if both these shades are sufficiently saturated. After all, it is this color that contributes to a good appetite.

Also will look great brown in the interior of the working Cabinet. But again, do not try to use only dark tones. Pay attention to the interspersions of light tones or bright red, purple and green colors. Let the accessories in your office be bright and catchy.

Warm light shades of brown can be used for nursery design. But very often the child wants to see his room bright and interesting, so choose the accessories that you dilute with calm tones. Not to be mistaken with the choice of color, it is important to know the combination of brown in the interior with other shades. Accessories in the children's room must be made in pink, blue or light green.