The pop art style in the interior originated in the 50-60-ies of the last century. This style was created to surprise and impress. Bright colors and flashy forms, the abundance of plastic and the active exploitation of images of products of mass consumption characteristic of pop art. What else is characterized by a pop art style in interior design?

Common household items in the style of pop-art become the value of works of art, in the interior of appreciated by large hand-drawn and photographic images of celebrities. More in the pop art style used recurring motifs{!LANG-e69bc7a45cf825c1767247b3089ce000!}

{!LANG-78b1564b24e24f1e0210f431f4e2bdfb!}traditional boundaries of walls, ceilings and floors can be blurred{!LANG-7c62d50da5838132c92f2f731c2fefca!}

Colors in the interior of the pop art style full of bright color combinations{!LANG-23f13efe106496ff31ee45dcef03da53!}

The ceiling in the interior of the pop art style{!LANG-aca38bf11a2d7e7112fec1d51393b5d8!}Interior wall pop art characterized by the brightness of its colors, the difference between the textures. Sex in pop art usually remains neutral so as not to "pull" the attention.

Interior pop art characteristic of minimalism{!LANG-e3f37d2b128e198a74bd9aef12e2bd86!}

Widely used in pop art style accessories. So, used all kinds interesting trivia from plastic. such as clocks, frames, figurines, vases, bright metal parts and leather goods. Originality is welcomed in everything, especially highly valued unusual things made with their own hands.

The style of pop art in the interior is known for its extraordinary visual effects{!LANG-66ec12a98d2a5c9505bc6a24465d0106!}

With all its gaudiness and brightness, the pop art style is a budget style, because this is the case when the interior of the welcome products of mass consumption. To give individuality to such elements of the interior are decorated with manually by any means available. Pop art in the interior{!LANG-e573853eb771233b4f33d7b1e58722a7!}