Attic — the invention of the French architect Francois Mansart. It was he who first thought it such a good place like the attic at home, to go to waste, so he built the "broken" roof, which gave the opportunity to organize another extra room. This romantic room is well, but has one drawback — it's cold. So you didn't freeze in the winter, the Soviets will tell how to insulate an attic.

After the construction of the attic the first Frenchman such economical and low-cost rooms directly under the roof has gained its popularity among the poor and artists. On the one hand, romantic people like to look at the night city from the roof of the house, and on the other hand, it did not take a lot of money to get such a small room. And in the modern world attics do not lose their popularity. Many designers of private houses add to the building plan such an economical and very profitable premise.

But the whole trouble is thatin the attic was very cold. But what about, because the walls and the roof of the attic are in contact most with cold air in the street. So it turns out that the insulation of the attic is a necessity. And in the house itself the heat will be much better. Let's see how to insulate the attic is best.

The attic insulation from the inside is required to very carefully. After all, simple insulation of the walls will not be enough. For better heat savings, you need to take care of the insulation of the floor and roof. Also it is necessary to take care of creating a waterproofing layer, so that your attic will serve you for a long time.

Let's see how to insulate the attic. This is best done with the help of special materials. For insulation use mineral wool boards based on glass or basalt fibers. This insulation proved best. In addition, you can easily put the plate in several layers. And the greater the thermal conductivity coefficient of the insulation, the less layers of mineral wool you'll need.

The attic insulation foam is undesirable. Independently to make it qualitatively it is almost impossible, after all it is not necessary to forget, that at a foam plastic there are many minuses. Even with high-quality work, there is always a high probability that numerous cold bridges will appear. And insulation with foam plastic has such popularity only because this material is very cheap. But the sense of insulation with foam plastic is not enough.

Please note that a special approach requires the roof insulation. Because the roof has two functions — it conserve heat and protect the interior from moisture. Therefore, you need to clearly know how to insulate the roof of the attic. This process should take place in two stages. It is best conducted during the construction of the attic. For a start on the sheathing of the roof must put a waterproofing material which will later be hidden under the roof. Under the waterproofing layer will be a layer of insulation. As a waterproofing material you can use roofing felt or sarking. But those cheap materials have the disadvantage — they do not allow steam that will emerge from the layer of insulation. So think about how to purchase the more expensive material for waterproofing. It can be diffuse membrane, anti-condensate film.

Before you insulate the attic be sure to pay attention to the internal structure. It often happens that they have to be strengthened and even increase their number.

Also in the attic, you must insulate the floor. In fact all warm air from the bottom premises rises upwards and passes through partitions. Warming the floor of the attic will give you the opportunity not only to keep the heat on the lower floors, but also make the premise under the roof warmer. So, to insulate the floor of the attic you should use a layer of glass wool or mineral wool thickness of 10-15 cm. The insulator must be placed on the vapor barrier layer. Only after this glass wool can fill the space between the beams so that there are no slots left.