Great column always fascinate us when we look at any building, decorated with such a decorative element. Let columns and draw our associations with antiquity, but in modern world there is a place. So, use special popularity columns in the interior.

Columns in the interior of the apartment serve more an aesthetic function than a practical one. In ancient times they were used as a supporting element, which would hold the whole structure. In our modern apartments, such excesses are not required, although it should be noted that the columns are also used by architects when they develop a house project in which there will be a lot of open space. In this case, you can really use the column as a carrier. But all the same, modern decorative columns in the interior perform an aesthetic function.

Decorative columns are also used in order to to organize the space or to visually change it. In all this you will help the columns in the apartment. It is accepted that they are placed near the spiral staircases, fireplaces or arched openings. That's where they look best. But also with the help of columns you can zonate space. thus separating one part of the apartment from the other. In addition, you can use not only columns, but also their fragments. In this case, they will perform the functions of the supports.

If you decide to diversify the interior of your apartment with columns, you should use this decorative item in pairs only. A lone column will look bizarre though it is, and is not a part of the interior of this room. So columns are always used in pairs. You can choose from two, three or even four pairs of columns, which you can decorate the design of your apartment.

Classic color for columns — white. But in the hands of designers, columns can acquire completely different colors. They are dyed black, golden or imitate the natural color of marble or malachite. All this is possible with the use of modern technologies.

We should also talk about the material that is used to create columns. Modern columns are made from natural and non-natural materials. Natural expensive materials such as marble, malachite, granite, limestone, wood, etc. are very valuable. Naturally, not everyone can afford such expensive columns. In this case, you can resort to cheaper non-natural materials.

Polyurethane foam is one of the most popular materials for creating columns. With him and work much easier than with stone, and it weighs much less than natural materials. It is also worth considering that the columns of the polyurethane can be decorated with various decorative elements, which is not always possible to reproduce on stone. The columns are ready to polyurethane building blocks joints are glued with glue. At the end of a decorative column can be painted with acrylic paint in any color you like, or keep it snow-white.

The second most important artificial material for creating columns is gypsum. Polyurethane is not very popular, because gypsum is considered a more traditional material. A distinctive feature of the columns of gypsum is that they are made to order. But it should also be taken into account that gypsum columns are not suitable for decorating the house. Gypsum absorbs moisture very much, therefore, columns made of this material are suitable only for indoor use.

Talking about unnatural materials for columns, mention should be made of artificial marble. With the help of this material it is possible to make majestic columns, which in their kind will not be inferior to this marble. Yes, and imitation of the natural structure of marble on artificial material can be done very easily. Also do not forget that the columns of artificial marble are in no way inferior to natural material and to some extent even surpass it. The fact is that in artificial material the color gamut is much more diverse than that of natural material. And to simulate the structure of such stones as onyx, malachite, jasper and others can also be very easy.